PMVC Friday Night TT

Lots of Ag3r & FoxVelo peeps attended (this week's) Pittsburgh Masters Velo Club, 15 mile, PMVC Friday Night Time Trials.
...just not me  :(

THANKS to Fred Jordan for all the following photos:

It was a FAST NIGHT, and the Overall Placings were:

4th Place - Steve Marlette (Personal Record by 2 seconds!)
6th Place - Dan Schar (Personal Record by 35 seconds!)
14th Place - Mark Briercheck
15th Place - Randy McCracken (first time at this distance)
16th Place - Kirk Morrison (Personal Record by 21 seconds!)
19th Place - Donnie Panizales (first time at this distance)
21st Place - Ray Sielski (Personal Record by 21 seconds)
26th Place - Rich Allen

...When Viewed by Category:

Mens Open
Marlette – 3rd place

Schar – 4th place

Briercheck - 12th place

Panizales – 13th place

Mens 50+
McCracken – 3rd place

Morrison - 4th place

Sielski – 6th place

Allen – 7th place

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stiCk said...

What a great set of photos! Great effort guys. Awesome to see Donnie out there in the mix in retro-kit too..