Sept 7th: Strongland Road Race

Mike Maher and Sam Morrison, Ag3r's Mtn (bike) Men, again journyed into "Strongland" territory to compete on the pavement. Looks like they will let ANYONE enter those things! Sam entered the the 35 mile, Road Race I, finishing in 7th place for his second Top 10 placing in 2 days. "Strongland" is any land where this kid rides :) Mike entered the 20 mile, Road Race II, and finished the race by winning a two-up sprint against one of Ag3r's long standing "antagonists"!!! In Mike's (paraphrased) words: (Antagonist) goes to the front on the first climb and cranks it up. But he can't shake me or 9 other guys. I attack on a fast technical downhill, cause I know the route and want to be clear in case there is a crash. I'm caught. (Antagonist) tries a couple digs on slow rollers that I easily cover. I attack 3 times on the 3-4 mile climb up 56. Really to soften the group rather than get away. It all comes back together. About 1/2 mile from the finish there is a little rise. There is one good climber in the group and he goes. The three guys I have pegged as sprinters jump his wheel. (Antagonist) jumps in 5th and I'm glued to his wheel. The climber dude implodes at about 500 meters. The sprinters are ramping it up. I'm sitting waiting. About 150 meters from the finish the course makes a 90 degree left. (Antagonist) jumps about 50 meters shy of the turn. He's out of the saddle and I'm sure he's thinking that the race will be one by whomever makes the turn in the lead. We come thru the corner at full speed. I hop out of the saddle and wind up my sprint. I'm easily coming around (antagonist) with about 100 meters. He feels me and tries to pinch me off on the inside by coming over a full traffic lane into me. I lean my shoulder into his ribs to keep upright and bump him off the line and pass him to win by a bike length or two. Man that felt good! As Mike says, "No Blood, No Foul" :)

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