Sept 12/13: Tour de Strongland

Text by Mike Maher Beatings suffered by: Brian Hopkins!!! MTB Expert: Never use anything new on race day. We’ve all heard it right? I didn’t know that applied to floor pumps. I misread my new pump and mistook 57 lbs for 27 lbs of pressure. On the first of 2 laps I crashed 13 times! (No I am not exaggerating! ) 4 times completely dislodged from my bike. After a lap I “realized” that my fork was not broken and let some air out of my tires and completed the race without any more incidences. I finished WAAAAY back. Good news….I beat Brian….bad news he asked me to fill his tires before the race as well. Sorry Brian, Really! Mike Maher - 19th Place (4th Place 40-49 yrs) Brian Hopkins - DNF MTB Sport: Rich Allen - 20th Place (2nd Place 50-59 yrs) Road Expert: I had no ambitions of doing well, but had hoped for strong team showing for a local race. Brian and I were both at the start of the expert race. That has to count for something right? The gun goes off and I work my way to the front for the upcoming brutal 1.5 mile climb up “Garver’s Ferry Road”. I knew I’d get shelled, but had hoped to hang on at least on the first brutal climb. About ½ way up a group of 7-8 riders went off the front. Then Before the top I was spit out the chase group. So a long day of being in the 2nd chase group of 10 knowing that we will never see the front of the race again. Good news x 2. I attacked the group with 1.5 miles left and soloed in for 311th place. Oh and I beat Brian who “claimed” to flat about ½ mile in. Yeah right???? Mike Maher - 21st Place (3rd Place 40-49 yrs) Brian Hopkins - DNF

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