Morning ride

I went out for a ride this morning and I was suprised to find I wasn't as cold as I thought I would be. On my way home I ran into Mike about a mile from my house. We stopped and talked for a while and then I headed home. I hope this snow ends soon, it makes me sad.


Another Tuesday gone by and another spin session over. It was just Rich and Myself who showed up again this week. With people being busy around Christmas I guess it can be forgiven this time. Anyway, we did the Carmichael climbing video. I really liked this video especially compaired to last weeks spinerval tape. It was fun, more people need to come. Posted by Picasa


Monday Night Ride Report

Tonights ride was a challenge to say the least. The cold temperatures weren't bad at all, but the snow and ice proved to be a real problem. I figured the snow would have compacted somewhat after Saturday and Sunday being clear and sunny, but the ice under the snow is now harder, but still not strong enough to stay on top of. I ended up cutting the ride short, and returning home via the road. This may be the end of the mountain rides until the snow melts a bit.


Mountain Bike Ride

I went on a mountain bike ride today, or should I say I took my bike for a walk. There have been some 4x4s to the gas wells, and the ruts are ridable. Some parts of the woods are ridable, where there isn't an icy crust. The areas that are open (no trees) are too difficult to ride because of the layer of ice... you can't get on top of it, and there is too much resistance to plow through it. The ride was fun, despite the amount of walking, and maybe by Monday the conditions will change for the better. I may try again tomorrow, for no other reason than to get outside.
I just got back from a ride outside. Everything was going fine until I was going down a small hill and hit some slush on the road and went down at about 25mph. I got a small tear in my seat and some scratches on the bike, a small cut on my leg also but nothing major on me or the bike. It was a nice ride and refreshing to get outside. Did I mention that I hate snow.


Another spin session

On Tuesday night it was only Rich and I at the trainer session. It was my first time doing a Spinnerval video and it was miserable. I thought this was a time of year for easy base training or complete time off of the bike (god forbid). It was actually sort of funny doing one of these videos with someone else and being able to see someone else struggle with you while the people on the video spin the huge gears, that the video tells you to use, without breaking a sweat. Anyway, it was a good time.


Have mercy

The Title of this Post describes the feeling you have when doing this particular Jacobson tape. Have mercy was the video choice for last evenings indoor festivities. This is a 2 hour session but we opted to only do 1 hour due to time constraints as well as physical. It is amazing how isometric squats load your quads with lactic acid after 50 minutes of a heart pounding leg burning workout. Hope to see you all next week.

Tuesday Night Ride Report

27 Degrees with a slight wind may not sound inviting to the rest of you when it comes to riding but here in Indiana PA you have to go with what the good Lord sends your way. As I was leaving town, around 7:30 pm, I did however see Matt returning from a road ride so I didn't feel so foolish headed out for a mountain bike ride on such a frigid evening. The riding conditions were almost perfect. There was around 3 inches of crusty snow and only a few patches of ice. There had however been some 4 wheelers and 4 wheel drive vehicles on part of where we were riding so we did have some ruts to deal with. They are calling fore approximately 6 inches of snow for this evening so by next Monday the riding conditions should be perfect.


30 miles of cold and ice, but riding keeps your heart warm!

Here I am returning from a 30 mile ride this morning. The temperature was in the low 20's and there was snow/slush/ice covering the back roads I was riding so I took my cyclocross bike. After the cold numbs your face the rest of the ride is great. Posted by Picasa

Night Ride

I went on a night ride last evening (mountain bike). Hopefully, the snow will not get too deep, and we'll be able to ride all winter. If anyone is interested, Rich and I ride from my house on Mondays at 7:30p.m.


Posted by Picasa If this is the Indiana Cycling blog I thought I should post a team picture to make it official. So here we are in all of our glory


Hello Indiana Cycling blog! I'd post some pics but my desktop is on the fritz right now and I need a new network adapter. Who all was on the trainer today? Anyone? It's great fun, I think we should set up a message board. That would be more fun than a blog and I can ramble on and on Brian