First Race of 2010

Steve Brewer traveled east to meet up with Brian Hopkins in Carlisle, Pa for the Team's first race of the season! Promoted by Fast Forward Racing, "Why Not Cross" went off with 17 degF temperatures and sunshine! In the Open Men's Division, Brian finished in 6th Place and Steve in 7th Place. Watch "Blog-ettes" for possible posts from each of them.


Northern Group Satellite

Mark Briercheck organized a ride out of Zelienople on Saturday, with Mark Hess, Dan Chew, Dave Stewart from Nevada, Jonathan Pratt, Joe Ross, Dan Schar, and Rob Gaus in attendance.
A warm January day. I left my house 8 am and rode north to Zelie for the 9:30am Hess ride. After a 14 year absence from the group Dave Stewart returned to the Northern Group. Morning started in the low 30's and mid-day almost touched 50 degrees. Joe Ross (riding a big soft and cushy single speed with Monster tires) flatted after the off road down hill into McConnels mills. The guy with the biggest tires had the only flat. That's luck i suppose.
The climb out of McConnells mills was total snow and ice. Oh Yes! It was a single track climb to get out. Gaus and I set down a fun quick tempo on the march into the Sheetz off of 328 (this is a guess that we were on 328...as usual I have no idea where we actually were). As for this matter I won't even describe our loop because I don't remember any of the roads anyway. I know we did climb up breakneck? Notable Notes - Rob forgot his food so Renee' delivered it to Rob like a team car.Team Gaus to the rescue. Mary Hess had muffins waiting for the returning riders! thanks for the great ride, briercheck

Ride Oddities

Rich Allen, Doug Frost and I went out for a spin this past Saturday... and when riding at slow Winter Riding speeds, we were able to see a few curiosities along the way! A 20 Foot Tall Lamp Post... (or maybe an ICBM silo?!)... Historical Landmarks...
Old Fashioned Barn Advertising... covering front yard Water Meters...
A Man-Made Climb ...not yet open to the Public...
...and a Flat Tire that mysteriously happened while we were IN the Coffee Shop :)


Coasting Races

If an Indian Summer is a warm day after the first freeze, what is a warm day in the middle of winter called? Rich Allen and I were lucky enough to be around for an impromptu ride with Doug Frost, because the temperature was warm enough for him to come out and play! No one paid much attention to the climbing we did today, because we were more interested in Coasting Races, where we all match speed at the top of a descent, then see who can keep rolling the longest/farthest without pedaling :) Today's Pillsbury Dough Boy was Frosty the Coaster Man! Check out the pic below ...right as Frosty is in his final inches of coasting, starting to saw his front wheel (actually breaking a spoke doing it!), his phone falls out of his pocket.

Notice that the shadow of the phone is "not connected" to the phone itself, because the phone has not actually hit the ground yet!


Old Stone House

We started our ride later than normal today...waiting for it to warm up a bit...
...with my arm, Rich Allen and Brian Parker foolish enough to brave the elements!
After meeting at the Old Stone House...
....we rode off into the countryside.
With the roads reasonably clear, the sun popping in-and-out of the clouds, and the wind behaving itself MOST of the time, we were happy to be outside.
No matter HOW you look at it, a ride always brightens up our day : )
...THEN... Brian went out for 18 more miles solo after he got home! It would appear his elbow is feeling "good-as-new"!


SS Snow Rides (3SR)

Me and Sam... sorry Mom, Sam & I...(!!!)... riding on Sunday night and Wednesday morning!!!


New Year's Day Ride

Sam Morrison, Kirk Morrison, Rich Allen, Ray Sielski & I all headed out into the brave new world of 2010 this morning, amid a nice snow shower, for the 16th Annual FoxVelo New Year's Day Ride. When we came upon the big piles of snow in the Mall Parking Lot, we got the idea to try to ride up...
then climb the piles of snow...
...until Sam got the idea that we should put on a CX race at the Mall and make EVERYONE go up and over these mtns with each lap :)
After that, we headed into the woods...
... and got the brilliant idea to ride Power Lines...!!!
...which looked awesome from the top...
...and just as cool from the bottom...
...until we discovered that we would have to bushwack our way out of the valley back to civilization...
...through jaggers so thick...
...that soon, Jagger-Master Sam's only course of action became to line a trail floor with our bikes, then step on them in order to squish down the jaggers far enough for us to pass...
...making slow and painstaking progress ... foot after foot ...after foot ...until he FINALLY broke us free of the wilderness!
After all this work... I mean riding... we rode to Eat'n'Park for lunch :) Happy New Year!
Photo Thanks to Ray Sielski and myself : )