BUG Resumes Rolling IN

Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem CX Season Team BUG Candidate #2:

Photo by Leslie Boehmer

THIS candidate comes with the name:  Hickory Horned Devil.

Negotiations are being conducted by Leslie!


Colavita East Ohio TT

One a Month...and One to Go.

The Colavita East Ohio Time Trial, near Akron Ohio...takes place on a rolling and often raining out and back course!

The August event found Ag3r/FoxVelo riders Steve MarleTTe, Henry Dimmick, Randy McCracken and Donnie Panizales all braving the RAIN and LIGHTNING for a chance to ...get wet!

Warm-Ups on the bike were more like Warm-Ups in the Pool!  We all noticed that our tires were slipping on our trainers; the resistance was light. So we told ourselves we were STRONG like BULL!

Photo by Sonic Imaging

After all the others had left for the Start, Henry noticed his resistance go up, and when he took the bike off the trainer for the start, he realized he had worn the rubber off the center of the tire. With no time to spare, he headed for the line.  After the race, while telling the story, they all looked at the tire to see THIS!  Randy commented that it was a good thing the race wasn't (twice) as long!

Photo by Sonic Imaging

At the end of the day, we all had won something:

Photo by Sonic Imaging

Steve Marlette
2nd Place - Men's 40 to 50yrs Division
Door Prize - Water Filter
Photo by Mike Briggs!

Henry Dimmick
2nd Place - Men's Fixed Gear Division
Photo by Mike Briggs!

Randy McCracken
3rdPlace - Men's 50 to 59 yrs Division
Personal Record by 6 seconds!
Photo by Mike Briggs!

Donnie Panizales
5th Place - Men's 40 to 49 yrs Division
Door Prize - Road ID
Photo by Mike Briggs!

Afterwards, Steve and Donnie recovered using unrecognizable bio-engineered solids and liquids from a Laboratory, while Randy and Henry recovered "The Traditional Way"!

Photo by Sonic Imaging

In the Season Points Series, with ONE RACE left to go, the standings are:

Men's 40 to 49 yrs Division
Steve MarleTTe1st Place
Donnie Panizales - 6th Place

Men's 50-59 yrs Division
Randy McCracken - 5th Place
Kirk Morrison - 9th Place
Henry Dimmick - 14th Place
Ray Sielski - 16th Place
Rich Allen - 17th Place

Men's Fixed Gear
Henry Dimmick - 3rd Place

Hopefully the September Finale will be dry!

Team Bug!

Steve Brewer is in negotions with this critter to become the Official 2011 Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem CX Season Team Bug!

If the deal goes through, what nickname shall we assign said BUG?!!!

NOTE:If you are having trouble leaving a COMMENT using your gmail-loggin, don't fret.  So are we.  Try commenting using "Anonymous" ...that is how WE are solving the problem  :(


Track Bike Night

Newbie-to-Fixies, Kirk Morrison, made his debut at PMVC's Friday's Track Bike Night.

Photo by Sonic Imaging

Not keen on missing a chance to see Kirk forget NOT to stop pedaling, Henry Dimmick tagged along for the fun  :)

Photo by Kirk Morrison

As usual, the competitors were a mix of dedicated racers, bicycle couriers, and hipsters!  But by the time the beers came out, the evening had shaken out as follows:

Results Report by Oscar Swan

Photo by Sonic Imaging

Results of Friday Night Track, August 12, 2011 A beautiful night. Not much of a turnout for the last event of the year, but everyone who showed up got a good workout. Thanks to Henry Dimmick and Kirk Morrison for providing after-event beer.

Event A:  2-Lap Time Trial
1st Place (Tie) - Kirk Morrison
5th Place - Henry Dimmick

Event B:  1-lap Chariot
2nd PlaceHenry Dimmick
5th PlaceKirk Morrison

Event C: 10-Lap Handicap
2nd PlaceHenry Dimmick
4th PlaceKirk Morrison

Event D:  Miss 'n Out
3rd Place - Henry Dimmick

Event E:  Olympic Sprint
1st PlaceDimmick/Andreyo
4th PlaceMorrison/Aderholt

Event F:  Chariot of Last Men Standing
2nd PlaceHenry Dimmick
4th PlaceKirk Morrison


2nd Place OverallHenry Dimmick

Photo by Kirk Morrison

5th Place OverallKirk Morrison

...which is pretty good for a Newbie, eh?!!!


X-Terra Appalachia Triathlon

Hannah Brewer is becomming a (Dirt) Worm!

Hannah writes:
The Xterra Tri was a VERY muddy, but super fun race.  I'm slowly getting away from the road and getting into the dirt!

I finished in...

1st Place - Women's 25 to 29 yrs

3rd Place - Women's Overall (Link HERE)

26th Place - Event Overall (Link HERE)

...and you can go their FaceBook page HERE

Run with the Deer Flies

Shouldn't the race be named, "Run FROM the Deer Flies"?!!!?

Anyway, Hannah Brewer not only ran away from the flies, but RAN away from most of the field in this year's Run with the Deer Flies, 15k, off-road running race.

Hannah finished in:

2nd Place - Women's 25-29 yrs

7th Place - Women's Overall (33 total)

14th Place - Event Overall (57 total)

Only Tarzan can catch Hannah in the woods  :)


ACA 50 mile Criterium


Kirk Morrison choose to spend his Saturday morning pedaling 100 Laps around-and-around the Bud Harris Track on Washinton Blvd in Pitsburgh, Pa.

Kirk ended up in 15th Place in what he referred to as,
"...a Long Race around a Short Course"!

The Hook
by Chris Popovic:
The ACA is proud to announce a 100 lap, 50 mile race at the Bud Harris Cycling Track on Saturday, August 6th, 2011 starting at 9:30 a.m.  As most of you know, the Bud was resurfaced last year. We've seen most every time record fall now that the track is free of bumps and cracks. One record that remains unset is the 100 lap, 50 mile test. We'd like to address that by inviting out any USA Cycling Category 1-4 rider next Saturday at 9:30 a.m.

The Line
by Kirk Morrison:
Chris Popovic and Nick Rossi hosted this event since it appears that the Mass Start 100 lap record had never been set at this venue. This unique race started at 9:37am in a light rain with about 20 riders. CAT Racing had the biggest team with 6 racers followed by Sette Nove. The initial pace was brisk with a few team and individual breakaway attempts to lap the field in the first 50 laps. None of these were successful.

However, with coordinated team support a 3 rider mixed-team break comprised of Ray Russell (Sette Nove) and 2 CAT riders (including Samson McHugh and ?) lapped the field with about 25 laps remaining (good team tactics). In the end Samson McHugh took the win.

While it was a well run event, I'm not looking to enter another of these round and round races again in the near future !

99 laps to ride at the Bud
99 laps to ride
Spin one 'round
Hammer and pound
98 laps to ride at the Bud...

BTW - Did I mention that it RAINED the whole time(?)!!!

Sorry, no pics !

The Sinker
by Oscar Swan
A respectable 100-lap record was established at the oval yesterday:

50 mi.;  100 laps;  1.58.20;  25.3mph;  Samson McHugh; 8/6/11

It has been posted to:


PMVC 10 mile TT

With the summer winding down, the Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club conducted it's last 10 mile Individual Time Trial of the year.  In attendance were SIX one way, a half dozen the other way, Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem & FoxVelo riders!

3rd PlaceSteve Marlette
Personal Record by 8 seconds!

12th PlaceKirk Morrison
4th Place - Men's 50+
Personal Record by 22 seconds!

15th PlaceDonny Panizales
Personal Record by 2 minutes & 44 seconds!

21st PlaceT. Lyle Ferderber
8th Place - Men's 50+

23rd PlaceRay Sielski
9th Place - Men's 50+

24th PlaceRich Allen
10th Place - Men's 50+

Pittsburgh Triathlon

FoxVelo member Jim Miller pedaled the bike leg for Team BOB.

This year, they finished in 7th place of the International Triathlon Relay category, with a total time of 2:35:38 for the 1500 meter swim, 40k bike, and 10k run.

Excellent effort Team BOB!

Eric Paszkowski (Run)
Craig Dietz (Swim)
Jim Miller (Bike)

Their Overall Results can bee seen HERE

Their Splits Results can be seen HERE


Lost Race Report

Mark Briercheck wrote a race report for the ACA Criterium where Steve trashed his kit (bad boy Steve!)... but I somehow let it get buried in my InBox :(

I inserted what Mark had to say at the bottom of the original post on the race. 

To read Mark's story, go HERE


Pro Bikes Criterium

Kirk Morrison added Criterium Racing to his racing repertoire.  In particular, the Appalachian Bicycle Racing Association (ABRA) Criterium Series... and as it turns out, his effort was worth a SERIES PODIUM position!

Congratulations Kirk!

COMPLETE Race Report, Links & Pics by Captain Kirk!
This past Saturday’s Pro Bikes Criterium was the 5th and final race of the ABRA Criterium Series. The race course was a 1.5 mile loop through an industrial park that has been used in past races (near the Ohio River in W. Aliquippa).

As usual, JR and Gina did a great organizational job assisted by officials Chris Popovic and Doug Riegner.

The conditions were HOT (over 90F) at the 1pm start with sun and a light breeze.

I had a 5th place finish in this race ...

(the results state 6th but Jack Neyer had a flat on the last lap and DNF’d)

...which gave me a 2nd place overall ranking in the series for the Mens 50+ age group!

The fact that I was able to compete in all of these races was a key factor in my final placing in this series. I was pleased with these results since this seasons ABRA Crit Series opener in early April was my first Crit race (held in downtown Clarksburg, WV). The introduction of some mid-season sprint intervals really helped my ability to hang with this fast group of riders.

Thanks to JR, Pro Bikes and all of his volunteers for a great series !

Attached are a few pics from the race. They are from Fred Jordan unless indicated otherwise (Mike Briggs) in the title.

Results Link: http://www.abraracing.com/Results/2011ProBikesCrit.html

The overall series online point totals haven’t been published online yet but they should be available soon at the following link: http://www.abraracing.com/Results/2011ACSstandings.html



PMVC 25 mile TT

The LONG race of the year...the Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club 25 mile Individual Time Trial is always when I schedule my out of town vacation!!!

Luckily, those stuck behind properly "represented" Ag3r  :)

3rd Place - Steve Marlette
Personal Record by 29 seconds!

7th Place - Donnie Panizales
Personal Record by 7 minutes & 54 seconds!

12th Place - Ray Sielski
1st Place 50+

Text by Stephanie & Oscar Swann:
It was one of those nights when you say the air was heavy, but it didn’t prevent some good times.

Gray Patton broke her existing women’s record by more than a minute, and she went on to establish a women’s one-hour record of some 25.7 miles. We’ll measure the distance carefully during the week.

Four people got into, or confirmed their membership in, the One-Hour Club.

Steve Marlette posted both a personal best and established the most times under one hour (12 total)during the 10 years the Friday time trials have been held.

Congratulations to all finishers.

Colavita TT

One of our new favorite TTs is the Colavita East Ohio Monthly Time Trial Series.  The July race ended up as follows:

1st Place (Men's 40-49) - Steve Marlette
2nd Place Overall

3rd Place (Men's 50-59) - Randy McCracken

DNF* (Men's 50-59) - Kirk Morrison

Story by Steve MarleTTe:
Photos by Steve & Kirk Morrison:
It was a nice summer morning in Ohio at the Colavita TT. I was concerned about a slow leak in the tire on my disc. Kirk kindly offered to lend me his disc, but I was able to seal the leak with some Stan's sealant.

Unfortunately, *Kirk then found a roofing nail out on the course and needed ride back in the promoter's car.

Randy put in a good ride and landed on the podium!

Skip and me were were still feeling the effects of the Friday night 20 mile TT. We both struggled to put in a good effort but we both got top podium finishes. Skip managed to beat me by 4 seconds for the Overall Title. I think he has some psychic power to know just how many seconds he needs to best me!  I was still lucky enough to end up on the top step for my Age Group!