Apr 26: Carlisle Time Trial(s)

Brian Hopkins competed on the opposite side of the state this weekend at the Carlisle Individual Time Trials. In the morning, he competed in the 40k (Flat) Individual Time Trial, setting a new Personal Record with a time of 52:37, for 1st Place Cat 3, and 3rd Place Overall. For the remainder of the year, the course will be run (backwards) due to construction. ------------- In the afternoon, Brian raced in a 7 mile, mass start hill climb, taking 10th Place Overall and 3rd Place in the Cat 1/2/3 race. ------------- Two races like this, back to back in a single day, builds hard men :)

Apr 26: Erie Time Trial

Another Western Pa. Individual Time Trial season began this weekend with at the Iroquois Sports Boosters, Presque Isle State Park, Erie, Pa., Individual Time Trial.
For the Spring event, the first of three races at this venue each year, we had a good turnout:
Ray Sielski - 8th Place (50-54 Age Group), 74th Place Overall
Dave Hickey - 7th Place (40-44 Age Group), 44th Place Overall
Rich Allen - 5th Place (50-54 Age Group), 58th Place Overall
Steve Marlette - 2nd Place (45-49 Age Group), 9th Place Overall (Personal Record)
...with Steve receiving a Plaque from the race promoter for his Podium Finish:
(Photo by Shelly O'Keefe)
As always, we all hung out for a hour after everyone else was gone from the site, taking in the sun, talking about the race, and dreaming of the exciting summer season to come.
(Photo by Shelly O'Keefe)
On "Injured Reserve" were SuperFans, Sam (aqualung) Morrison, and me, Henry (wounded knee) Dimmick!
Additionally, we had some "retired"(!) Teammates come out for this event:
Jim Miller - 7th Place (35-39 Age Group), 49th Place Overall
Donnie Panizales - 11th Place (35-39 Age Group), 99th Overall
Dave Kramer - 23rd Place (45-49 Age Group), 80th Place Overall
...and one new friend from ProBikes...
Craig Cozza - 7th Place (45-49 Age Group), 30th Place Overall
A beautiful day in Erie, and perfect conditions on the course...a rare occasion to be sure!

Apr 25: Round-Up ReRun

Mike Maher, still on his quest to race a half marathon in May, competed in his second 10K run of the month. This time it was the Round-Up ReRun in Delmont, Pa. Mike finished 21st overall, 4th in the 40-49 age group, with a time of 51:57.9, or a pace of 8:23 per mile. Always one to believe that "Misery Loves Company", Mike convinced his daughter Sierra to run as well. She finished the 5k race 64th overall, 2nd in the U14 age group, with a time of 32:59.1 or a pace of 10:38 per mile. Now, if we could just get him to cut one of his cycling jerseys into a running singlet :)


Apr 19: 2009 Mingo RR Final

Pneumonia is a hard word to spell.
...and having failed a Physician conducted spelling bee (and x-ray), Sam Morrison was prohibited from racing in the 3rd of 3 races of this long running road race series...putting in jeopardy his ability to retain the Series Points lead in the USACycling Cat 4/5 competition.
But, as luck sometimes has it... a combination of who showed for the races and the result of the 15-man sprint finish, Sam was able to pocket the prize, and the money, for the SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP :) ... or "here", on the ACARacing site.
Mark Briercheck was the only Ag3r racer this day, ending in 23rd in the Cat 1/2/3 race.
While not racing, Sam and I were Corner-Marshals at the top of the descent (me) and the bottom of the descent (Sam)... so between the three of us, there was Ag3r ALL OVER the course!~
Interestingly, this is our 3rd Cat 4/5 Championship.
2001 - Jim Miller
2007 - Brian Hopkins
2009 - Sam Morrison


Apr 14/15: ACA Criteriums

Still on the gas (at the time), Sam Morrison raced 2 Allegheny Cycling Association criteriums this week. On Tuesday, he raced the USACycling Cat 4/5 race. (Sam remains a Cat 4 road racer until his most recent results get posted by the promotors to USACycling, so that they can approve his upgrade request to Category 3). He finished 2nd in this race, collecting multiple mid-race prizes ("primes") along the way. On Wednesday, he raced the USACycling Cat 3/4 race. The story of this race, was that he and his two Team Funny Bunny "teammates"(!), attacked the group in the closing laps... just as one was caught by the peleton, the next would attack, and so forth. When asked where they finished, they replied, "We didn't get lapped"!!! "Results" like this emphasize one of Ag3r's mottos, "If you can't be great...anni-mate" ------------------ During the Wednesday (Apr 15) Cat 1/2/3 race, Dave Shaffer was able to pull off a 10th Place finish in his first criterium of the season.


Apr 11: Morgantown Road Race

Thanks to Fred Jorden for the above photo.
Sam Morrison ventured south onto the hills of West Virginia to attend the Morgantown, 47 mile, Cat 4/5, Road Race this past Easter weekend. After 22 miles of flatland "warm-up", the race headed for the sky. During the climbs, Sam initiated or followed multiple attacks, whittling the group down from 50 ...to 15 ...then to 10. Somehow, somewhere near the end of the race, maybe during a brief encounter with trailing riders from a earlier-started race, one of their group slipped off the front undetected, soloing to the race win. Unknown to Sam as he approached the line, he let loose his new found sprint, claiming what he thought was a victory for Pennsylvania, only to learn that he was left kissing his sister in West Virginia(!) ...taking 2nd Place on the day!!! With this excellent result, Sam has now solidified his USACycling requirements in order to upgrade his road racing license from Category 4 to Category 3 ...where he will certainly find more difficult competition, but where he will surely demonstrate his maturing strength. Congratulations Sam :)


Apr 04: You Can Run & You Can't Hide

Story by Mike Maher Two years back for some silly reason during a moment of obvious weekness, I agreed to run a 1/2 marathon with a buddy. I'm not saying that my faculties were altered by mind altering substances, but I won'tdeny it either. Me and running is a bad combo. First of all I'm slow. Secondly and more descriptively, I run like a fat chick in snow shoes. But I've always had great respect for runners and he was a good friend so I reluctantly agreed. After bike season I started running and was up to 9 miles when in acompletely unrelated incident, I blew out my ACL and the dream /nightmare died. Or so I thought. 2 years later... That terrible feeling of unfulfilled goals came creeping back. So there I was on Saturday morning, 35 degrees and drizzling, standing at the starting line of a 10k wondering if a training race was really necessary. The brochure said 6.2 miles of gently rolling hills, a beautiful and rural scenic course almost sounded like fun....right? Well the gun goes off, the rabbits are GONE! Nothing like a bike race where I can always hang on for at least for a little bit. Not here. The wind is howling and I duck in behind a big dude. Hah! I know how to draft.The gently rolling hills turn into 3.1 miles straight down. At about 2.5miles I started to think how are we going to get back to the finish?Then I see the aforementioned rabbits running back up hill. Oh $hit! That was a LONG way down. I make the turn and the hill starts up. Not too bad though and I'm feeling pretty good. Then the hill turns steeper at mile 5 and the 30mph wind hits me head on. I work pretty hard into the finish and was pleasantly surprised to find I was 2 minutes under my best case scenario time... 5th in my age group. Not too bad considering the snow shoes! So all is good and on target for my 1/2 marathon in May. Wish me Luck!


Apr 05: Mingo Park #2

An unusual day today for the second installment of the 2009 Mingo Park Road Race Series ... 40-50 degF and Sun!
Being temporarily sidelined with a swollen knee, I (Henry Dimmick) marshalled the "Mike Friedman Corner" at the top of the descent. A few years ago, Mike (Garmin-Chipotle) took this turn too hot, crossed the (middle line) and crashed head on into a car stopped waiting for the riders to pass.
Cat 4/5 Race:
Sam Morrison - 1st Place
After multiple attacks on the climb by Jake Grantham (ProBikes),
...five riders, including...
...were able to stay off on a breakaway. These 6, with a group of five more chasing them, went to the sprint, with the WIN taken by Sam Morrison...moving him into 1st Place in the Series with one race remaining. Jake finished with a well deserved 3rd Place.
Cat 1/2/3 Race
Mark Briercheck - (20th Place)
Dave Shaffer - (21+)
Master 50+ Race
T.Lyle Ferderber (8th Place) ... moving him into 9th Place in the Series.
After the Awards ceremony, Sam RODE home ... from (near Washington, Pa.) clear up to Butler! Last we heard from him, he was about 10 miles outside Butler... estimating a 130 mile day. Simply Awesome :)