Pro Bike & Run (North Park) Opening SOON

SIX of us were there...
...but only our BIGGEST BILLBOARD (Ray Sielski) can been seen in the picture (on the right)!
This was the pre-ride pic (of the post-ride Sponsored-Team Meeting) that produced the post below this one!
Thanks for Participating: 
  • Ray Sielski
  • Mike Maher
  • Dave Hickey
  • Bobby Irwin
  • Rich Allen
  • Henry Dimmick


Team Ride

Here are a few pics from last night's ride!




Omnium Thursday

In TRUE Ag3r Racing form...


Hunter Dimmick & Kirk Morrison

...THEN we RACED....

Steve Marlette

Nathan Black

Donnie Panizales

Dave Hickey

Nathan Black

Dave Hickey

Steve Marlette

Nathan Black
Henry Dimmick

Hannah Brewer
...THEN, we were the LAST ones to leave the Parking Lot....

...THEN the ONLY ones to go to the Grist House to celebrate the Bike Pgh Kick-Off party!


...THEN, the LAST ones to leave the Bar at CLOSING :))


2016 Results

Including contributions from our TWO new riders on the Team this year, HERE are our Results for 2016:


Welcome RYAN

Ag3r is happy to announce the addition of Ryan Hoehn to it's roster.

While Ryan had a "FLAT START" to his new career in bicycling racing...

He nevertheless pushed on, and was invited into Ag3r CLUB status; where he began racing in our SMURF kit.

With continued racing and some worthy results, Ryan was then invited to join Ag3r TEAM Status.  As his first official action on the Team, he took it to the DIRT, racing first in Ag3r CAMO Kit...

...where he demonstrated his HIGH FLYING attitude in front of the PUBLIC...

...before returning back into the woods hidden by his CLOAK of INVISIBILITY :)

Once ready for Prime Time Play, Ryan put on the "HiVis Billboard" of Ag3r WARIO kit, and headed out onto the CycloCross Course...

...where he LEAPT tall buildings in a SINGLE BOUND to finish out the 2016 season!

As a true Disciple of Two Wheels...

...Ryan is not a rider who puts away the bike just because of a change in weather...


...which further demonstrates why he fits in so well with Ag3r!
Welcome Ryan!