2013 Final Results

CX Nationals

Kirk Morrison, headed out to Boulder, Colorado (to crash on Sam's couch) and to race the USAC Cyclocross National Championships.....!!!

Race Location: Valmont Bike Park - Boulder, CO
Race Category: Men’s Masters 1/2/3

Finish Place: 52

Web Address to Results: http://www.usacycling.org/results/?year=2014&id=1&info_id=72147

Race Review: Mud & frozen ground with temperatures in the low 40’s and a brisk wind. Course was a fun with two sets of stairs and plenty of challenging technical sections. It was great to spend a few days in Boulder to catch Sam’s collegiate D1 race as well as the Pro’s on Sunday.

photo by Deidre York


SSCXWC = Single Speed CycloCross World Championships!

Kirk Morrison is always up for a PARTY where a bike race might break out....so he attended & raced the Philidelphia (SS) Bilinky Junkyard Cross, and the Single Speed CX Championsips.

It looked like quite a BLAST in the middle of a snow storm :))

Bilenky Junkyard Cross
Philadelphia, PA
Race Category: SS Cx Men’s Open
Finish Place: Uncertain. The races were held in 10-12 person heats with only the top 3 racers proceeding to the next higher heat levels. This took quite a while as there were almost 150 SS racers.  I was eliminated in this process.
Race Review: Sunny, with temperatures in the low 30’s and a brisk wind. Course was a blast with lots of junkyard obstacles including cars to cross, bulldozers to run through and vans to traverse. Lots of fun.  

Philadelphia, PA
Race Category: Everyone’s a Winner
Finish Place: Winner!
Race Review: Snow with temperatures in the high 20’s and a brisk wind. Course was a great fun with lots of Philadelphia themed obstacles (think Rocky ….). I was one of the few riders “not in costume” since I experienced a wardrobe malfunction at yesterday’s Bilenky Junkyard Cx. The high point of the race was riding Parachute Hill on my final lap (with a little help from pushers on the hill). Excellent crowds with abundant enthusiasm. Hopefully I’ll be recovered in time for next year’s
SSCxWC in Louisville.

Only one race left before my winter break...!

Dirty Dozen

Mike Maher was the only rider BRAVE enough to attend this year's (Thanksgiving Weekend)  Dirty Dozen Hill Climbing Race.

Way to "represent", Mike :))

You can READ MORE about the day from MIKE's point of view by clicking HERE to get to Mike's Blog.

....and you can check out a video of the carnage on THIS site.

South Park CX

The season FINALE of the ABRA CycloCross Series again took place at the South Park Wave Pool, except again, on a COLD and WINDY (fall cyclocross kinda) day!!!

Single Speed
14th Place - Kirk Morrison

Men's 4/5
10th Place - Logan Krause

Men's 50+
5th Place - Steve Marlette (w/a Flat Tire mid-race!)
9th Place - Kirk Morrison
12th Place - Rich Allen

ABRA CycloCross SERIES - Final Points
Men's 40+
8th Place - Mark Briercheck (5 of 6 races)
21st Place - Hannah Brewer (2 of 6 races)

Men's 50+
4th Place - Steve Marlette (4 of 6 races)
9th Place - Rich Allen - 4 of 6 races)
11th Place - Kirk Morrison (4 of 6 races)
21st Place - Henry Dimmick (1 of 6 races)

Single Speed
13th Place - Kirk Morrison (4 of 6 races)
28th Place - Mike Maher (1 of 6 races)

Men's 4/5
15th Place - Logan Krause (3 of 6 races)
42nd Place - Mike Maher (1 of 6 races)

Women's 1/2/3
6th Place - Hannah Brewer (4 of 6 races)

Men's 1/2/3
38th Place - Henry Dimmick (1 of 6 races)

...with ANOTHER W.Pa. CycloCross Season coming to a close.

To hold you over until next season, enjopy these VIRTUAL representations of the race:


White Park CX

Unlike LAST WEEKEND, this week's race was a beautiful and sunny day!

Women's 1/2/3
4th Place - Hannah Brewer

Single Speed
14th Place - Kirk Morrison

Men's 4/5
(20th) Place - Logan Krause

(Men's) 40+
5th Place - Mark Briercheck (Podium King!)
11th Place - Hannah Brewer

Men's 50+
8th Place - Rich Allen
9th Place - Kirk Morrison
DNF - Henry Dimmick
....due to a popped tire bead!

Ray Sielski...

...and hiding behind the tree, Steve "Boo-Boy" Brewer!!!

Then on the way home, we saw THIS GUY :)

Raccoon Park CX

...a VERY COLD...


...day met the racers at the 2014 edition of the Beaver Valley Velo, Raccoon Park CX race.

In the end, TWO of our riders made the podium :)

Women's 1/2/3
3rd Place - Hannah Brewer

Single Speed
8th Place - Kirk Morrison
10th Place - Henry Dimmick

Men's 40+
7th Place - Mark Briercheck

Men's 50+
3rd Place - Steve Marlette
6th Place - Kirk Morrison
8th Place - Henry Dimmick
12th Place - Rich Allen