TMR Roofing's got our "Back"

Out in Colorado, they do this thing called "Short Track".  Here is a picture of S.A.M. at the Start...

...and HERE is a link to a video of S.A.M.'s BUTT during the race. 

TMR Roofing never looked so good  : )

THANKS to Yuki Saito for the Video!

PMVC Master's Criterium

Kirk Morrison closed out the Friday Night Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club Season by competing in the 40+ Open Category Master's Criterium.

During the 40 laps (20 miles) of racing there was lots of wheel to wheel action, with Kirk finishing in 14th Place.
In Kirk's Words:
I enjoyed last nights Masters Crit. This was a first for me as I was able to survive some pretty good accelerations from the group. I made some moves for Primes (none successful) and helped to chase down a breakaway. It was surprising how quickly I could slip from the front to the back after a hard effort. Fell off the back a few times but was able to catch back on to finish in the pack.

Thanks to Stephanie for the encouraging cheers !

Great parking lot after-event!
Exceptionally well run by Oscar, Stephanie and Sophie. Highly recommended !


TT Photos - Supplemental

Here are a few pictures by Shelly O'Keefe from last Friday Nights PMVC Individual Time Trial:


PMVC Friday TT

The last PMVC Friday Night TT of the 2010 Season was a 15 mile event...with the final races using our TT bikes not far behind.  Here comes CycloCross!

After "buying some speed", Kirk headed out onto a busy (and crowded) night on track. 

In the end, Ag3r riders found themselves occupying many of the money placings offered by Oscar & Stephanie Swan... "Thanks" to them  :)

1st Place - Brian Hopkins
3rd Place - Steve Marlette
4th Place - Dan Schar (PR by 1:28)
5th Place - Henry Dimmick
8th Place - Kirk Morrison (PR by 0:47)
13th Place - Rich Allen
15th Place - Mark Briercheck
16th Place - Ray Sielski (PR by 0:03)

Of course, the "racing" is only PART of any event for US. Afterwards, The Team hung out well after the last racers had left the venue and the street light had lit...

Steve Marlette joined the 15 people infield party attended by his wife and neighbors...

Dan Schar re-hydrated(!)...

...and Henry apparently had something sour to drink!

As always...a terrifically painful way to end the week  :)


Colavita Eastern Ohio TT

Steve Marlette and Henry Dimmick headed into Ohio for the 4th in this 5-race Colavita Eastern Ohio TT Series.  Despite the rainy drive and overcast skies, what we found was:

A paved parking lot for warm-ups...

A Starting Ramp...attended by Promoter Brian Baird of Applied Vision, an engineering partner with Agr!

An extensive prize list...

...and GREAT Organization & Sponsorship...

...all combining to make this race an totally enjoyable experience!  After the (dust) had settled...

Steve finished in 1st Place of the Men's 40-49 division

...and Henry finished in 3rd Place of the Men's 50-59 division.

This is a race we will have to come back to!

Smith Dairy Milk Race

Dan Schar and Mark Briercheck headed off to the Smith's Dairy Milk Race.

Dan finished in 12th Place while Mark finished further back as a result of his last minute surprise attack for the line in hopes of stealing victory!

You can read ALL about the race on Dan's Blog by clicking HERE!

PMVC Track Bike Night

Oscar Swan (and his megaphone!) has returned from his (summer in Europe) to run the final TT and Track Bike nights of the 2010 PMVC Friday Night Series.

On this LAST Track Bike (Fixie) night of the season...

...Henry Dimmick remembered how much "fun" racing (6 events) back-to-back-to-back is...by throwing up (only once!) DURING the final 15 Lap Points race.  Sorry, no pictures are available!

Taking 5th Place Overall in the Omnium, Henry placed as follows in the individual events:
6th Place - 1 lap TT
6th Place - Elimination Sprints
3rd Place - Chariot Race
6th Place - Miss & Out
1st Place - 2 Man Relay (w/ Jason Zimmerman)
7th Place - 15 Lap Point Race

PMVC Friday Night TT

As the end of the 2010 Time Trial season quickly approaches,  a "short list" of Ag3r riders rushed to fill the last available starting slots for the recent "short distance" Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club 10 mile TT event!

While only a few of us raced this night, many good times and placings were snagged by Ag3r riders:

3rd Place - Steve Brewer (PR by 36 seconds)
5th Place - Steve Marlette
10th Place - Dan Schar
11th Place - Mark Briercheck (1 second behind Schar!)
22nd Place - Kirk Morrison

Xterra Appalachia Triathlon

Mike Maher gave the Xterra Appalachia Triathlon ANOTHER try...hoping to have a better time of it this time around.  Considering all that went wrong in his "3 strikes & you're OUT" attempt, improvement should be a "lead pipe cinch"!

THIS time around, Mike took 4th Place in the Men's 40-44yrs and 22nd Place Overall

To read about Mike's LAST outing, click HERE.


Canoe Creek Triathlon

Hannah Brewer & Mike Maher competed in The Canoe Creek Triathlon.

Hannah finished in 1st Place (Women's 20-29), and 5th Place Women's Overall

This was the first showing of the her Ag3r tri suit, which she believed brought good luck because it was her fastest run time ever!!!

Showing that CHIVALRY is not dead, Mike took 2nd Place (Men's 40-44), letting Hannah take the top honors on the day!

TWO Podiums... Well Done Tri-People :)

Bear Creek Resort

Sam Morrison spent the weekend at the Bear Creek Resort ... racing!!!

First up, the Super D:  Sam took 3rd Place out of 24 racers!  Gravity is his friend :)

The following day, Sam again line up to race, but THIS time it was for the Pa. State XC Championship.

Showing that pedaling is actually his strong suit (no suprise for a 150 pounder!) Sam fought his way to 2nd Place in the Cat 1 Mens, 19-24 age group.  Awesome Results!


National Master's TT

Kirk Morrison rode his momentum from the Pa. State Master's TT Championships clear to Louisville, Kentucky for the USAC Master's TT National Championships.

Competing in the Men's 50-54 yrs Category, Kirk took 35th Place.

From the Pa. State Master's TT, to the Master's Nationals TT...Kirk traveled LOTS of miles and competed in the best TTs the USA has to offer... ALL IN ONE WEEK.

Nice Job Kirk  :)

In Kirk's Words:
Yesterdays Masters Nationals were quite an eye opener. Lots of strong riders. Tough conditions with temps over 95F, very high humidity and bright sun over the entire course.

I finished the 25.8km Mens 50-54 Nationals TT in 35th place (38'13") out of a total field of 39 riders. The surprising thing is that I had a fairly good ride with an avg HR of 183bpm (including a new high of 192bpm on several hills). It was great to see riders at this level. Very motivating and enlightening .... Highly recommended !!


Pa. State Master's TT

Kirk Morrison took a shot at the Pa. State Master's Individual Time Trial Title...finishing in:

16th Place (Men's 50-54 yrs) ...with results also reported here.

In Kirk's Words:
I ended up placing 16th in the 50-54 age group with a time of 31'34".  The race was held over a fairly hilly course with over 500 feet of climbing over the 20K.

I couldn't help but note that my time would have put me in the top 10 for the 30-34, 35-39 and 40-44 age groups (and #11 for the 45-49 group). I'm surprised that there are so many fast guys in the 50+ group.

I was hoping for a better result but considering that I've only had 2 days to get used to the UCI Legal position (had to move my saddle to the rear by over 5cm !) I can't complain. The "illegal" position was definitely more comfortable and faster. No pics ... hopefully I will be able to get a few
at Nationals on Tuesday.

Envy Types:

Equipment Envy!

Speed Envy!

THANKS to FRED JORDAN for the GREAT Photos here...
...and for those just added to the Friday 25 mile TT post below.

Run with the Deer Flies

Hannah Brewer took on her first TRAIL RUN at the "Run with the Deer Flies" 15k.

Turns out, she's pretty good at it, finishing:

2nd Place Woman 20-29

5th Place Woman's Overall

12 Place Overall

With results like that, she was obviously running FASTER than the deer flies...not "with" them as the race name implies.  Something that can be appreciated by all those who have been bitten by one of those MONSTERS!


Friday Night TT

The first 25 mile distance of the PMVC / IC Bikes Friday Night at the Track finally arrived...and went. 

In order to keep the track safe, a 30 rider limit was set for the evening.  Ag3r was able to land 7 of those valuable seats.

Dan Schar - 5th Place Overall
(sub one-hour / no aero helmet / no aero wheels)

Steve Brewer - 7th Place
(sub one-hour / Personal Record by 3:26)
(first time beating Marlette!)

Steve Marlette - 8th Place
(sub one-hour / Steve's 11th sub one-hour time)

Brian Hopkins - 10th Place
(sub one hour / riding Merckx style!)

Mark Briercheck - 13th Place

Ray Sielski - 17th Place
(Personal Record by 2:44)

Hanna Brewer - 25th Place