Welcome Back, Chilly!

Allow me to (re)introduce Dave Hickey, an ex-member of our squad who is RETURNING to the Ag3r fold!

Dave originally joined the Team (FoxVelo Cycling) in 2000...

...was with us through our early GREEN MACHINE, "miniature bicycle print" pattern kit phase...

...into whatever "phase" THIS was....(!)...

 ...into the ORANGE TRAIN days, where he WON the Allegheny Cycling Association Class B Criterium Championship!

From there, he was in the mix when Agr International first became the Title Sponsor... still sporting our historical LIME & ORANGE colors...

...and still tearing it up when Ag3r first evolved into TODAY'S "Triple Triangle" graphic design; our LIME & RED "Christmas Kit"...

...and ALL was well with the World...!!!

THEN, in 2010, he shifted his focus to the interests and activities of his growing son, which demanded his time away from the bike. You are a good DAD, Dave! 

Leaping forward to 2016, Dave has made a return to racing, with podium finishes this season at the:
  • East Ohio TT
  • PMVC Friday TTs, and most recently at
  • The Senior National Games Pa. State Qualifiers

Look for Dave in our current HiVis & Raspberry WARIO Kit at an upcoming CycloCross race!

Welcome to WARIO :)