Aug 28: PMVC - 5 mile TT

Hard storms ALL DAY subsided just in time for a few brave soles to compete in the final Pittsburgh Master Velo Club Friday Night Time Trial of the season. Henry Dimmick raced the 5 mile taking 2nd Place Overall Ray Sielski also raced the 5 mile, setting a PERSONAL RECORD and taking 4th Place Overall. That's 7 Personal Records in Time Trialing for Ray this year alone :) In a separate attempt, Steve Marlette took on the 20K track record, but fell a bit short. All in all, another great season of Time Trialing from PMVC and Oscar & Stephanie Swan... bringing together a perfect mix of fierce competition in a casual and social atmosphere. A great way to end the work week and begin a weekend :)


Aug 21: PMVC 25 mile TT

Tonight was the last 25 mile Individual Time Trial of the 2009 season at the Washington Blvd Track.
18th Place - Ray Sielski set a PERSONAL RECORD by 2 minutes, 42 seconds
14th Place - T.Lyle Ferederber set a PERSONAL RECORD by 1 minute, 42 seconds
5th Place - Steve Marlette fell short of his PR by ONE SECOND
17th Place - Dave Hickey fell short of his PR by 17 seconds
13th Place - Henry Dimmick fell short of his PR by 1 minute, 36 seconds
...and FoxVelo Club rider Donnie Panizales took 20th Place - setting a PERSONAL RECORD by 3 seconds!
...and as ALWAYS...we were the last to leave the grounds, hanging around for over an hour talking and "carbo-reloading"!!!
THANKS to Shelly O'Keefe for the pictures :)

Aug 16: LaTour de LaTonka - Results

Coming Soon...


Aug 16: LaTour de LaTonka - Pics

This past weekend, Mercer County... and the Amish(!)... got a taste of something they had never seen before:
The brainchild of Ken DeFurio...
...La Tour de LaTonka is a 21 Stage, held in a Single Day Race, beginning and ending at Lake LaTonka...
...pitting Team Ag3r against...The World Team :)
So, we headed out with riders and a caravan of support vehicles in tow...
...piloted by Team Hot Chicks: Alli and Ally in the End of Caravan vehicle...
...and by Team Boy-Studs: Rich, Roger and Hunter in the Lead Vehicle...
...and held Individual Time Trials...
...Team Time Trials... ...and mass start Road Races...
...with the intent to award...The PINK POLKA DOT, King of the Mountins Ribbon(!)...
...the GREEN WEENIE Sprinter's Squeeker(!) ...
...and the coveted Overall Leader's Yellow Jersey Barbie!
So after miles and miles of Mercer County flatlands...
...and bottles and bottles of consumed drinks...
...the Eiffel Tower, and...
...the end of the race were in site!
Back at (camp), the overall Team Classification "LaTonka Cup" was awarded to the winning Team...
...then we all partyed with the energy we had left...!
Luckily, cyclists have poor long term memory... so we soon were talking of doing it all again... just not real soon!
Thanks to Rich Seevers, Allison DeFurio and (to me!) for the pictures.


Aug 12: ACA Criterium

Putting a definitive "FINAL STAMP" on his Senior-Summer racing season, Sam Morrison WON the Allegheny Cycling Association Cat 3/4 "B" Criterium at the Washington Blvd Oval.
I am sure some of Sam's "followers" will be glad to see him head off to school... but not us :(
Sniff, Sniff...!

File Photo - by Fred Jordan

Aug 9: Cleveland Triathlon

Mike Maher showed up to compete in a Triathlon this weekend... but Mother Nature changed the rules!
Storms canceled the swim and turned the event into a Duathlon: Run-Bike.
The bike leg had brutal 20-30 MPH headwinds for the first 6 miles. Ouch !!!
Mike's efforts rewarded him with 8th Place Overall, and 2nd Place in the Men's 40-44 Age Group.

Nice Work Mike!

Aug 9: Milk Race

Sam Morrison competed in the Smith Dairy "Milk Race" in Orrville, Ohio today ...the day after racing the 50 mile Big Bear Lake Ultra on his mtn bike!!! Sick :) He finished in the pack of the Cat 2/3 race. You can just see him in about 6 riders back in this PHOTO.

Aug 8: Big Bear Ultra MTB

Sam Morrison traveled to Bruceton Mills, West Virginia to compete in the Big Bear Lake Ultra Mountain Bike race. After 50 miles of off-road racing, Sam outsprinted his racing "friend!" for 6th Place in the Men's Open Division, and 8th Place Overall.

Aug 7: PMVC 10 Mile TT

Steve Marlette, T.Lyle Ferderber and Ray Sielski competed in this evening's 10 mile Individual Time Trial. ...and a special night it was, with All Three Riders setting Personal Records :) Steve set a new PERSONAL RECORD, Winning the Event, and besting his previous mark by 4 seconds, posting a time of 22:04 @ 27.19 mph. T.Lyle also set a PERSONAL RECORD, besting his previous mark by 6 seconds, posting a time of 23:50 @ 25.17 mph Ray also set a PERSONAL RECORD, besting his previous mark by 18 seconds, posting a time of 25:52 @ 23.2 mph A perfect night at the Track!


Aug 05: ACA Criterium

Sam Morrison WON the field sprint for 2nd Place in this week's Allegheny Cycling Association Summer Cat 3/4 Criterium. Sam's txt said: "...(this) race was the scariest race I've ever done. Solo breakaway went, I somehow elbowed out 40 other guys for 2nd (Place)." ELBOWS UP, Sam :)


Aug 02: Lancaster Photos & More

Here are TT Photo links of Brian Hopkins and Steve Brewer... Hopkins http://mlkimages.smugmug.com/gallery/9106376_4j8GS#609112405_pCjsA-M-LB http://mlkimages.smugmug.com/gallery/9106376_4j8GS#609111842_5c3hj-M-LB Brewer http://mlkimages.smugmug.com/gallery/9106376_4j8GS#608977480_MmtLZ-M-LB http://mlkimages.smugmug.com/gallery/9106376_4j8GS#608978805_XjKy2-M-LB ...and the link to Brian's Blog so you can read & see MORE :)

Aug 02: Tour of Lancaster County

Brian Hopkins and Steven Brewer traveled... ...well Steve traveled... 'cause Brian already lives over there...(!)... ...to the Tour of Lancaster County this past Saturday & Sunday. Featuring 3 different race formats, a Road Race, an Individual Time Trail and a Criterium, points are individually awarded in each race of the two day event in order to determine an All-Around race winner. Brian Hopkins - 11th Place Overall (Men's 3/4)... ...WINNING the Individual Time Trial...! 34th - Road Race 1st Place - Time Trial 26th - Criterium Steven Brewer - 5th Place Overall (Men's 5)... ...WINNING his Individual Time Trial too :) 16 - Road Race 1st Place - Time Trial 13th - Criterium Awesome efforts by both of them!!! For the Complete result, GO HERE ... scroll down as necessary. Watch for links to the Time Trial photos, coming soon...


Aug 01: Wilderness 101

Few of us are crazy enough to take on the Wilderness 101 mountain bike race. But 325 riders, including Sam Morrison, did just that this past Saturday! Sam used up all his water bottles, all his strength and all his HEED products(!) to finish 28nd Overall (22nd Place Open Men), finishing in in 8 hours and 30 minutes of riding! Some riders were finishing at 12 hours and with lights....YIKES...! Read all about it on his Blog @ Sam's Butt Hurts!


July 31: PMVC Time Trials

Tonight was Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club's 15 mile Individual Time Trial. Racing for Ag3r-Butler Health System were: 4th Place - T.Lyle Ferderber 9th Place - Ray Sielski DNF (Flat Tire) - Rich Allen

July 29: ACA Criterium

Sam Morrison was back at the oval again tonight... as a Back-to-Back Double-Dipped-Critter... except THIS TIME, leaves with a WIN...!!! (3/4) B-Crit 1st Place Overall 2nd Place - Most Aggressive Rider (MAR) One Prime (1/2/3) A-Crit 13th Place One Prime Round and Round Sam Goes :)

July 22: ACA Criterium

Sam Morrison was a Double-Dipped-Critter this evening, competing in both the (3/4) B-Crit and then the (1/2/3) A-Criterium. (3/4) B-Crit 4th Place with Two Primes (1/2/3) A-Crit 13+