ABRA Tomlinson Run XC

Hannah Brewer, Henry Dimmick, Ray Sielski and Rich Allen ventured south to the Appalachian Bicycle Racing Assocation' Tomlinson Run MTB Cross Country Race.

SHORT STORY = Only Richy finished!

Photo by Mike Briggs

LONG STORY = Hannah broke a pedal....and was walking when Ray came upon her... 

Photo by Mike Briggs

Ray swapped bikes with her because his pedals matched her (shoes/cleats).

Photo by Mike Briggs
BUT ...the conditions were SO MUDDYSLIPPERY and BOG-LIKE, that Hannah could not refind her groove on Ray's bike, so demonstrating Ag3r's Borg-Like HIVE MENTALITY, when our QUEEN ABANDONED, both Ray and Henry...

Photo by Mike Briggs

...abandoned WITH her; all walking to the finish.  DNF x 3...!!!

Only "Honey Badger" Allen, who was off the front of our hapless trio, rode on to finish, "Cause HE DON'T CARE" ...finishing in 4th Place of the Men's Cat 1/2/3 55+ race.

Photo by Mike Briggs
You GO Richy!

PMVC 15 mile TT

Steve Marlette, Mark Briercheck and Ray Sielski AGAIN represented the ROADIES of Ag3r by attending the 2nd installment of the Pittsburgh Masters Velo Club Individual Time Trial Friday Night at the Bud Harris Track.

Steve took 2nd Place Overall
Setting a new Personal Record by 32 seconds

Mark took 10th Place Overall
Setting a new Personal Record by 43 seconds

Ray took 20th Place Overall

Way to REPRESENT boyz!


Fat Tire Challenge MTB

Rich Allen went SOLO to the Fat Tire Challenge....taking 2nd Place in the Men's 50+.

Rich said, "They have a photo of me doing a face plant in a rock garden about 1/2 mile from the finish. We'll I guess it's a photo of me on the ground after I went down. 

The guy that took the photo was surprised I got up and continued on, I told him, "They where only rocks!""

Big Bear 2 x 12

Mike Maher and his (new sidekick) Bobby Irwin had a pretty strong showing considering an old guy and a new rider were thrown together to compete!

Bobby rode strong, turning a 1:31 and a 1:39 which is pretty consistent considering the terrain at BB and him being so new to MTB.

Mike went out first and had a 1:27 with the delightful uphill start and said he actually felt better for his 1:22 second lap.

Overall they finished a solid 8th Place in the Open Sport Class.

Mike said, "I was pretty darn happy with that result and even more so that we had no crashes or mechanicals. Plus Sierra came down and hung out with us, so I got some bonus Pre Father's Day quality time with her."

THIS RACE marks the Official End of the Blue & Lime "SMURF KIT".

Brady's Run XC

Logan Krause and Henry Dimmick could not outrun the rain, and ending up racing a VERY MUDDY Brady's Run XC, put on by the Appalachian Bicycle Racing Association.

Photo by Mike Briggs

Logan took 15th Place in the Men's 2/3 Race...after nursing his bike to the finish with a gnarled rear derailleur.

Photo by Mike Briggs

Photo by Mike Briggs

Henry took 8th Place in the Men's 45+...after getting a flat tire trying to pass "banzai style" on a rocky downhill section of the course.

Photo by Mike Briggs

Photo by Mike Briggs


Photo by Mike Briggs


PMVC Individual Time Trials

Riders Mark Briercheck, Ray Sielski, and Steve Marlette were the inaugural "Roadies" to show-off our brand new UNIFORMS at the 10 mile Pittsburgh Masters Velo Club Friday Night Time Trial.

...and SHOW OFF they did with the following Results:

Steve Marlette
3rd Place Overall
New Personal Record by 4 seconds

Mark Briercheck
9th Place Overall
New Personal Record by 42 seconds

Ray Sielski
19th Place Overall

Nice Job to the ROADIES :)

PMVC Fixie Friday

Only Henry Dimmick was "fixated" on getting to the Bud Harris Oval on Washington Blvd in Pittsburgh, Pa...

...in order to try out his new Fixed Gear Track Bike...

...at the season opening night of the Pittsburgh Masters Velo Club's Fixie Friday! 

While not his best showing, he was at least consistant. His results were as follows:

2-Lap Chariot Race
5th Place

2-Lap Individual Time Trial
6th Place

Danish Sprint
7th Place

6-Lap Rabbit
5th Place

10-Lap Scratch
7th Place

Omnium Result
6th Place

For those who have ever ridden a Fixed Gear Bike...you know, that to do so, and like it, is to "have a screw loose"....well here is proof of THAT :)