Yellow Creek MTB

Brian Hopkins and Steve Brewer dusted off their Mtn Bikes for last Saturday's Yellow Creek Park MTB Race.

In recent times, racing head to head for these two has turned into a bit of a rivalry. Both wish, however, that the rivalry was one of fitness and skill... instead of one of attrition!

On THIS day, Steve came out on top ...while Brian will be searching for a new Rabbit's Foot.

Steve finished in 11th Place

Brian finished in 14th Place

Check their Blogs in case they write something more!


Helmet Head

Dave Shaffer did some Spring training along the water's edge recently...but NOT the kind of water found in one of Pittsburgh's 3 Rivers!

PS - Nice Helmet Hair Dave!

PSS - Dave would like me to tell you that they were NOT holding hands when this image was captured!


Switch Hitters

Our regular group (Sam Morrison, Kirk Morrison, Rich Allen, Randy McCracken, Doug Frost & I) went for a regular spin, on some regular roads, on what seemed to be just a regular day!

However, upon closer inspection, a few things were actually quite OUT-of-Regular...(?)

1st:  Randy showed up...looking healthy & fit after being mostly off the scene in 2009.

2nd:  Sam showed up for a road ride on a 26" wheeled mtn bike, with smooth roadie tires on ...showing off new wheelie skills he learned in college!

and 3rd: Sam and Richy apparently switched Teams...
...to ProBikes, of course(!)

Guess things weren't quite as "regular" as I first thought...(?)!!!

Good thing I am...........................regular, that is  : )


Undaunted by warnings....

AG3R (Indiana Group) and IUP Cycling logged 100 miles this past Saturday. A good time and wading were enjoyed by all.

Foiled, at Speed

Western Pa. riders have good interval strength.  They climb steep but relatively short hills, that crest into short & steep descents on the opposite side ...only to do it all over again.

Shampoo.  Rinse.  Repeat.

On the other hand, Jeff Bell, riding just outside SanFransisco, has learned that while climbing there is a lot different...
...descending is a skill that will seperate you from the pack..........especially if you enter a turn a bit too hot, and launch your Y-Foil off the edge into a tree!!!
...must have been the Mustard Gas...(?)!!!


St. Patty's "Day"?

Kirk Morrison launched a last minute idea, and 4 sheep in wolves clothing flocked behind him!

Kirk, Roger Lutz, Ray Sielski, an unnamed Poser and I, met for a Green Beer bar hopping night ride!

While Green Beer was not as easy to find as we would have thought, there was plenty of Guinness at all 3 bars we went to  : )

Along the way, we ended up adopting a new friend.  Joining in on his first Bar Hopping Bike Ride was a guy named Owen, riding a beautiful full nude-carbon Planet X Road Bike with full Campy Carbon 10, shod with Carbon Eastons & Tubulars!  Not quite the Leprechan we expeced to find scurrying through St. Patty's Night alleyways, but he would have to do!

In the end, despite Guinness having all the daily nutrition a man could need, Kirk & Roger still rode to Eat'n'Park for a night cap!

We can ALWAYS find a good excuse to get in a ride...
...especially one THIS short  : )


Dismal Dash 40k TT

Brian Hopkins and Steve Brewer traveled into Virginia for a early season Individual Time Trial.

Brian finished 5th in Cat 1/2/3.

Steve finished 9th in Cat 4.

Watch their Blogs to read more about it!


Pittsburg East weekend Ride Report

I spent a few hours on teh road with Steve and Hanna this weekend. Steve, Sean and I  did the Eastern Shore loop (40mi) on Saturday. Then Steve Hanna and I did the Marion Center loop (40mi) Sunday.

Lots of fun and a little suffering were enjoyed by all.

More photos an complete ride report @ afib-rider.blogspot.com



Today I (Sam Morrison) was riding (in Colorado), in 2008 Ag3r kit and this girl pulls up next to me (yes, she was passing me), and asked me if I had went to Butler.

Surprised, I said “Yes!”. Then, she goes, cool, I went to Purdue.

Now, truth be told, it took me a while to put it together, but when I did it was awesome! IndianaCycling, Purdue and Butler University are in Indiana! WEIRD.

Then I thought, why did she just randomly ask if I went to Butler? I double checked (!), I wasn’t wearing anything with Butler written on it. Weird.