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Sometimes a person can get SO FAR BEHIND, that the easiest way to catch up is to go BACK IN TIME...
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Then, once caught up, make the jump BACK TO THE FUTURE.

With this "timeless philosophy", Ag3r's cyclocross season will be published IN REVERSE...!  So, stay tuned to the (open) posts below.

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Pa. State CX Championship

....the best of the best of the best, end up in the mud!

South Park Wave Pool CX

....swamped......signalling S.O.S.....

Raccoon Park CX

....stolen by a masked bandit....!

Bruceton Mills CX

....lost in the West Virginia Mountins...

Murrysville CX

...gone to Flanders.  Sorry, I was LION about that...!

Monster Cross

....hiding under the bed...

Marilla CX

...tricked, not treated...!

Ghostly Grey MTB

...nothing but a wisp of smoke at present...

Ohiopyle Super D

...still on the chair lift...

Military CX

...discipline pending...

North Park CX

...grazing....somewhere out in the "North 40" ...(?)

Kick Off Cross

...waiting to be kicked in the arse...!


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All Crossed-Up in Ohio

In preparation for the pending Pa./WVa. Cyclocross season, a few Ag3r riders (HannaH Brewer, Steve Brewer and Ray Sielski) headed into Ohio for a tune-up:

Words by Hannah:

I actually forget what happened at North Coast Grand Prix because it was so long ago (like 10 days!) ....so I will jump right to the results!

Steve had a great day and finished 3rd overall in the 3/4 race.

I do remember that I didn't get lapped by any of the girls (or 3/4 boys!) who were in our race. I finished 6th overall in the women's 1,2,3 race.

The course was dry and fast. A power course for sure.



Since the North Coast NEOCX race was a fun course, we headed back to Ohio the following weekend to race at the Blue Sky or Not cx race. However, when we got there, Blue Sky or Not was not a question... there was no blue sky in sight. Rain, lots of mud, and unseasonably cold temps were the theme of the day. Ray, Steve, and I braved the mud and raced pretty well.

Steve Brewer finished 4th overall in the 3/4.
Ray Sielski finished 8th overall in C50+, and
Hannah Brewer finished 3rd overall in the women's 123.

Don't expect these results from me again. It was either birthday luck, or the fact that I seem to race best when there's mud!!!



Ray's take on the No Blue Sky Day:
HannaH, Steve and Ray headed out to the shores of Lake Erie to race CX.

An early morning drive starting out in the cold put promising sky appear to be a great day for a race.

Enter the Cleveland factor, driving into Cleveland brought the wall of rain and gray. At the venue steady rain soaked the course and 40's meant for much hand rubbing waiting to register. No pre race on-line registration meant for long lines which took 45 minutes to clear.

The first third of the course was flat grass, one barrier and plenty of twisty tight turns. The grass was very saturated which made for slow speed. The middle course had dips into a central mud hole with three small drops to enter and three small climbs to exit, all rideable. Had to be careful of the twisty roots and each drop had an increasing amount of mud as rain was washing in all morning. The last third had a slight pavement path climbing and two 90 degree turns just to keep you from gaining any speed.

HannaH finished 3rd
Steve finished 4th
Ray finished 8th



Month of Mud #2

Kirk Morrison and Rich Allen stayed on their Month of Mud Series run ...this time at Brady's Run, a venue with LOTS of climbing, log crossings and roots, roots and more roots!

Rich took 7th Place in the Masters Division
photo by Mike Briggs

Kirk took 12th Place in the Single Speed Division
photo by Mike Briggs

With two rounds of racing left, Rich's results landed him in 4th Place of the Series.
photo by Mike Briggs

Kirk's results find him sitting in 8th Place in his Series.
photo by Mike Briggs

Next Up: The North Park CycloCross Race!


Month of Mud #1

The 2012 Month of Mud kicked off this year with the Moraine State Park mountain bike race.

Attending this year was Rich Allen, Kirk Morrison, and Henry Dimmick.

Rich finished in 6th Place of the Masters Division (32nd Overall in the "Long Course" race)
photo by Mike Briggs

Kirk finished in 8th Place of the Single Speed Division (54th Place Overall in the "Long Course" race)
photo by Mike Briggs

Henry served as the "middle-of-the-woods" Corner Marshal, directing traffic one way on Lap#1 and a different way on Lap#2.
photos by Sonic Imaging

Here is Kirk's story of the day:

This was my first race in the SS class and, between the course and the competition I was fully challenged.

The good news is that my new belt drive, SS Spot Rocker performed flawlessly.
photo by Mike Briggs

The bad news is that I got caught up in the traffic jam of the slower Masters & Vet racers and never got into a good rhythm. Unfortunately, I was pulled after the first loop since the Sport leaders (on a shorter, less technical loop) passed me just before I was able to start the 2nd loop.

As a consolation, Stacie Truszkowski and I decided to ride the 2nd loop to make a full day of the outing. After we were out on the course (which was now closed), we decided to help the organizers with course cleanup by taking down the course tape. After filling up our pockets and backpacks we ended up stuffing the rest of the tape under our jerseys. Needless to say, by the time we made it back we both resembled the Michelin Man.

photos by Sonic Imaging
Regarding placings, I thought that I had avoided DFL status since I had passed a few other SS racers. However, in the final results I ended up in 8th place (DFL !) since it appears that 2 racers from the SS category DNF’d (the expert loop was pretty challenging on an SS rig …). Oh well, better to end up DFL rather than DNF (I’m hoping that this is the last time I can use this line !).

Results link: http://monthofmud.org/?page_id=2072

Excellent race organization and course work (thanks to Brian Parker & Brad Kriley). Also, great course marshalling by HD!

Richy should have some good info to add (including a hard crash, bent shifters and 4 bee stings !!?).
photo by Tad Riddell

I’m looking forward to the next MoM race at Brady’s Run on Oct 7th.


Peanut Butter Festival

With Hannah Brewer and Rich Allen's Ride the Wilds Series Podiums on the line, Mike Maher, Ray Sielski, Henry Dimmick, and Steve Brewer circled thier wagons and headed to the Peanut Butter Festival MTB race...the final race in the 2012 summer series.

Steve, Ag3r's only rider in the EXPERT division...

...missed a turn while bombing down a hill, and after climbing back up from the bottom, still ended up in 10th place...an impressive ride for a ROADIE :)

The rest of us raced in the Sport Division. Some, like Richy & Hannah were racing for final Series positions, and others, like Ray, Mike and Henry, were in the race for emotional support...

...for race support...

and as sacrificial lambs in the event one of the podium contenders needed "mechanical support"!!!

In the end, it all worked out GREAT!

Hannah took 1st Place in the Women's Race...26th Place Overall Sport...

...and 1st Place in the 2012 Ride the Wilds Women's Series...

...which made her quite happy...
...which made Steve happy too...

...and was something for SISTERS to celebrate ...with Ice Cream :)

Richy took 3rd Place in the Master's 50-59 Race...15th Place Overall Sport....

...and 3rd Place in the Master's 50-59 Sport Series...

...and WAS happy too, despite his podium photo (above)...!!!

Sometimes, he can be such a............(!)

Mike got lost, but finished in 7th Place in Sport 40-49 ... and 30th Place Overall Sport,

Henry had a flat tire, and finished in 7th Place Sport 50-59 ... 39th Place Overall Sport,

Ray finished in 9th Place of the Sport 50-59 ... and 59th Place Overall Sport.

Afterwards, we all headed into town to enjoy the Peanut Butter Festival :)

We definitely were NOT in Kansas (anymore)!!!


Erie Time Trial

For some 25 years now, the Fall Erie Time Trial has marked the traditional end of the ROAD season.

Unfortunately, this year only Ray Sielski and Steve Marlette were in attendance... WELL REPRESENTING the team up north!

Here is X-Ray's Story:
Presque Isle Erie PA, Sunday September 9, 2012 ...

...also know as Ray and Diane's 34th wedding anniversary! To celebrate this wonderful occasion Diane decide to upgrade to super fan status by joining the team at the races. 

A 5:00 am wake up call couldn't come early enough as anticipation for the year ending event was building throughout the weekend. Rain, cold and wind was threatening the lake Erie shores. The early morning drive was wet and windy, while visible bands of rain and clouds were seen through out the Northeast.

Ray joined fellow Ag3r teammate Steve Marlette, and after a warm up and discussion of race tactics set out for the starting line. At that particular moment the rain stopped, and with the sun cresting came the final countdown... 04 ..03 ..02 ..01 ..GO!

I set out on the course in wet and puddle conditions, carefully watching the corners and bumps on the road trying to beat the next band of wind and rain.  Luckily, there were no real head wind and less tailwind on course.

In the end, I finished in 38th Place Overall with a new Personal Record of 31:28, and in 10th Place of the Men's 50+ Division.  This was my 4th P.R. of the season, at distances of 5 miles, 10 miles, 12.5 miles and 20 miles.  A great year!

Steve, impressive as always, finished in 11th Place Overall with a time of 28:18, and in 4th Place of the Men's 40+ Division.

Race complete the rain moved in and all was back to normal in Erie, PA.  Post race beer and sandwiches were good, somewhat lacking without my usual escorts....but the anniversary lunch company was plenty good enough....right honey?!!!


Cascade Park

Kirk Morrison headed into Ohio for the NEOCX (North East Ohio CycloCross Series) race at Cascade Park in Elyria, Ohio.

Trying to make his drive worthwhile, and just because THAT is the kind of guy he is, Kirk-Kirk DOUBLED-up on the day!

Single Speed Open - 8th Place

Men's B (Geared) Open - 11th Place 

Yes....this man is not only insatiable, he has a split personality too :)

Strong Man-Land?

After racing Cross-Pocolypse on Friday night, Mike Maher proceeded to race in the Strongland Mtn Bike race on Saturday, then in the Strongland Road Race on Sunday.

After all was said and done, all he could say was, "Maybe 4 races in 3 days is too much(?)"...!!!

Mike Maher -
Strongland MTB II: 3rd Place Overall / 2nd Place Masters
Strongland Road Race II: 10th Place Overall

Hannah Brewer also headed to Strongland for HER third race of the weekend (!), and her first road race of the season... and faired quite well.  See for yourself:

Looks like the Strong-Man has competition from a VERY STRONG Woman :)



Double Cross V - Crosspocolypse, turned out to be a dry event (from the sky) but a very wet event (from the icy coolers!!!)

...which has a lot to do with why riders keep coming back year after year, despite being (apparently) homeless otherwsie!
Jim Miller

In fact, some arrived and set up camp DAYS in advance...
Kirk Morrison & Ray Sielski

....and when questioned why they were there so soon, could only shrug their shoulders and say, "WHY NOT?"!!!
Mark Briercheck

At the START for Race #1, Mike Maher (race promoter/host) got everyone organized...

....while 2011 Reigning Double Cross Champion Ray (#1) Sielski waited calmly to the side.
Thanks Ray, for making these SWEET Race Numbers!

Hannah Brewer, fresh off her 24 hour Champion Challenge of Seven Springs race win, sporting the CHAMPIONS jersey, was just happy to be racing in dry (trail) conditions!

Others, like Mark "The Reeper" Briercheck, were not in as good of "worldly" spirits!

Each lap, riders had to face various obsticles, both during the "day"...
Steve Brewer

...and at night.
Hannah Brewer

And while some "challenges" seemed excessivly difficult...

...they were made worth while by the IMMEDIATE (and forced) reward for overcoming them!

After the 2nd Race of the night was complete, having taken place completely in the dark...
Kirk Morrison
Mike Maher

...everyone was treated to fireworks!!!

...and to Kirk's mondolin playing  :)

As usual, pictures of ME are scarce!

Henry Dimmick, photo by The Happy Trout!

By design, this race party LIGHTS UP the beginning of our CycloCross season.

Stay Tuned  :)