ABRA Spring Series Race #2

Story by Mark Briercheck
Dan Schar and I stumbled out for one of JR Petsko's beautiful ABRA Spring races in Fairchance, PA.  With temps in the high 50's / low 60's and a nice breeze on a fast course it was going to be a day of hard work just trying to sit in let alone win.

I opted for the earlier Cat 1-2-3 race that started at 12:30. The race quickly went from comfortable.... to painful... to DNF in the span of about 45 minutes.

Schar faired quite a bit better in the 2:30pm Master's race and laid down the hammer and came home with a 5th Place finish!  Awesome work Dan!

All I can say is 'Ouch - welcome to road racing season 2012' !


Always Competing

Recently, Kirk Morrison....

...WON a beard growing contest.  For his efforts, he received the following "Very Important Award"!

Congratulations KIRK   :)