California Pa Criterium

OK.  I am tired of waiting for the Appalachian Bicycle Racing Association Criterium Series FINAL Standings to be updated just so I can link them here.

Bottom Line?

Ag3r's Steve Brewer finished the Category Pro/1/2/3 Series in SECOND PLACE...!!!

The series began in Clarksburg, WVa....many months ago, IN THE RAIN, and ended on a perfectly sunny day in downtown California, Pennsylvania, nestled between the college campus and the river.  As with any series, attending (every) race is a critical as placing well in the ones you attend.

In this final race, Henry Dimmick...

...went to work for Steve...

...both of them knowing that Steve was in a battle to make the podium with two other racers, from two different teams....and needed to score points no matter what to stay there.

After a SUPER fast start, many racers were shelled off...but Steve and Henry hung on to finish in 11th and 12th Place respectively...

...vaulting Steve into his final podium position for the Series.
Dan Schar was the only other Ag3r racer to attend this event, putting out an excellent effort to finish in 5th Place in the very competitive Men's 40+ Race.

Afterwards, we attended the California River Festival...

...and ate street fair Hot Sausage...

....made by THIS guy...

....whose kids think looks like THIS...

 ...all while watching a local band play! 

Well Done Steve :)




You need to check out the incredible views Kirk Morrison experienced during a race he did ...WAY out WEST.

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Two Mile Run?

Two MILE Run?

TWO mile bike? 

Confused?  So were all the riders who attended this race :(

Story by Hannah Brewer

I usually count on Kirk or Mike to write something informative, witty, and entertaining after each race, but I guess I'll have to fill in since I was the lone Ag3r rider at the Two Mile Run mountain bike race.

For this race, I don't even know where to start. Actually, I did not even want to start. After three days of hiking combined then three days of cycling in Boulder, my legs were totally beat, but since we came home from CO in time to race, I had to go.

I heard from Richie, and many other local riders, that Two Mile Run is a long grind and that I would get lost at least once, if not several times. Although I usually appear calm and rationale, I am inherently a strong-minded "know-it-all", and didn't REALLY believe that I would get lost. Following a marked trail can't be too hard, right? Wrong.

Within the first two miles, I followed at least 10 other riders off course, for a .5 mile detour. Great. My longest mountain bike race yet (18 miles) and I'm adding more mileage! That wasn't my last mishap. I made at least five more wrong turns, but luckily I caught my mistakes before riding too far in the wrong direction.....Shame on you if I pass you once, shame on me if I pass you twice!

When my legs finally accepted that they were racing and I finally accepted that this was a mountain bike race/scavenger hunt, I had a great ride. The weather was perfect, the single track was dry and fun, and "staying on course" became an added challenge --and I love challenges.

Oh, and logs. At least 25 log crossings. No joke. If I didn't know how to hop a log before, I do now.

I was no speed demon, but I finished 40th overall and 2nd overall for the ladies....1st overall women 14-39 yrs.  The fastest lady must be under 14... or over 40!

Results found at: http://www.smileymiles.com/2012/RES12%20TWO%20MILE%20RUN%20PARK%20MT%20BIKE%20EXPERT%20OA.HTM



Steamboat Stinger

See how these two things fit together by reading Kirk Morrison's blog post by clicking here --> LATE BLOOMER.

White Park XC Throwdown

Story by Kirk Morrison:

Fun race for the finale of the ABRA mtb series with lots of podium action with Hannah Brewer, Steve Brewer, Rich AllenDave Shaffer and me in attendance.

Steve’s 11:30am single speed race saw the greatest condition changes starting with dry, followed by a rainstorm which turned the course slippery and finally, with the rain ending, an improvement in the trail to a tackier condition. Our 1:30pm race was primarily on the tacky, wet trail with the biggest obstacles being wet roots and logs.

As advertised this was a flowing course with almost 100% single-track. While there were almost no rocks, there were a few steep downhill sections to keep our adrenalin up. Very well marked and maintained ….. great course !!

Hannah: 1st place – Womens Cat 2/3 Sport

Shaffer: 2nd place – Clydesdale

Richy: 2nd place Mens Masters 55+ (Cat 1/2/3)

Kirk: 3rd place – Mens Masters 45+ (Cat 1/2/3)

Steve: 8th place - Single Speed Open

Additionally, in the final ABRA MTB Series Standings:

Hannah: 1st Place Women's 2/3

Richy: 2nd place Men's 55+

Kirk: 2nd Place Men's 45+

Another super event by JR and Gina of ABRA Racing !!


Shannock Valley MTB

Story by Hannah Brewer:

Rich Allen and I raced the Shannock Valley MTB race. Terrential downpours all week and again Saturday morning meant MUD, MUD, more MUD ...and puddles (or small ponds).

Once I accepted the fact that I would be soaked and muddy all day, I decided that the course was one of my favorite race courses so far!

Richy had a fast, 9th place overall finish in the Open/Sport category. He was 2nd in his age group.

I finished 1st Overall for females, and 19th Overall in the Open/Sport category.


Photos Compliments of Gracie Lim Clark


Storm Peak Challenge Hill Climb

While STORMS in W.Pa. look mostly like THIS:

...the "storm" referred to in the name of this RACE is (probably) the hurricane of LACTIC ACID...
...cascading through Kirk Morrison's veins, as he races along on LESS and LESS oxygen...
Should look like THIS
Should NOT look like THIS!
...while ascending into the clouds at over 9,000 feet.

To read how Kirk is killing off what few brain cells he has left, click on his blog icon titled "Late Bloomer" on the right sidebar under Rider Blogz., or for your Mobile App users, click HERE ...!!!


PMVC 10 mile TT

After an afternoon of Team Building and Race Prep (Waterskiing!), Ray Sielski, Hannah Brewer, and Steve Brewer met up with Steve Marlette for the Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club 10 mile Individual Time Trial.

Story by Ray Sielski

Here we are at the first event of August to find another night at the track with temperatures hovering around 95 degrees. Clear skys with little of no wind welcomed the racers, apparently there were no pre race track records that needed to fall in this heat so the group got started on time.

Steve Brewer had his sights set on first place as he refused to participate in the team pre race warm up (see abstact above!), then went on to win the event sporting a baseball card in his spokes to intimidate the rest of the field as he cruised by with his noisemaker.

Steve Marlette, not to be intimidated by Brewer's "motor", joined in the team effort by posting an easy second place.

Ray and Hannah sporting their new tan lines and impish grins from the pre race warm-ups, put in fine performances that will be well remembered past the pain of not posting any PR's.

Results by Oscar Swann
Here are revised results for the 10m TT.

1st Place @21.45 - Steve Brewer (Personal Record)
2nd Place @ 21.59 - Stephen Marlette
10th Place @25:06 - Ray Sielski
12th Place @ 27.03 - Hanna Brewer

The added BONUS of the day's "warm-up" was that Hannah "got up on ONE (water) SKI" for the first time!!! 

Way to go HANNAH  :)

Aliquippa Criterium

Story by Mark Briercheck

It was a counter-clockwise race....definitely a bit faster. The way turn #3 feels is almost like a swooping roller coaster. Super Fun, even with Steve working himself to death :)

The Killer B's go in a circle...again

Cat 1/2/3:
Steve Brewer and I hung on for a hot and fast Sunday afternoon hour long criterium in Aliquippa, PA. From the gun the race was fast. No time to sit and chat...just all business.

Countless attacks went out but each one was reeled back in by the field. By the final lap the field wound up in the final turn and the day was to end with a bunch sprint. During the long final stretch the field was all over the place.

Brewer and I fought through traffic and pushed just enough to move up towards the front to stay out of trouble and come home with a decent result.  Average Speed for the hour race - 27.09 mph!

Mark Briercheck - 10th Place
Steve Brewer - 11th Place

Women's Cat 4:
Hannah Brewer - 4th Place

Bridge Out

You know those days, when life is tight, and you have only SO MUCH TIME to fit in a ride ...and then something UNEXPECTED happens?