My new Six13 with SRM. It's so pretty.


Jennerstown Speedway Crit.

I really sucked things up on Sunday. I knew I wouldn't be great because I'm not really made for a completely flat course or crits in general but I thought I'd give it a go anyway. It was my first cat. 3-4 race also which was different because it was faster by far than any other that I've been in thus far. I started on the front line but after some difficulty shifting into my large chainring on the first lap I was quickly in the back of the pack. Then I had to deal with passing all of the people who were getting dropped. It probably took half of the 40lap race until I had worked my way through the rubble and got to the front where I could be more comfortable. I ended up finishing 12th after passing 3 people on the final sprint but I was in a really bad position coming out of the last corner that turned us around 130 degrees towards the finish. After that turn it was just a short sprint to the finish line and I had no chance. I guess next time I just have to be smarter and be in a better spot for the final sprint. I do feel good that I was able to hang in and felt good while doing it. At no time did I feel like I was on the verge of getting dropped which sort of suprised me but made me happy at the same time. Hopefully I can improve for the next race in two weeks.