2007 spring training camp

I just got back from my first of what I can make an annual training camp. I spent the week in Bridgewater, VA. I really didn't have any particular plans except to just ride, and ride alot. It ended up being a really nice week. The weather was sunny all week and it only rained one evening after I was finished riding for the day. I ended up riding between 2 1/2 and 3 hours a day. Some days I rode hard and some I rode easy. It was a great time and I got to ride more outside in this one week than I had ridden all year up until this point. I'm not exactly sure if this week will help my racing this year but one thing that is for sure. It's amazing what time off, riding your bike, and plenty of sun can do to raise your spirit.


Dismal Dash ITT

It was off to visit my Aunt in VA beach this weekend to do a race in Suffolk, VA. I got there Saturday morning at 7pm after driving all night. I slept for a few hours and got up for a short ride. The rest of the day had nothing to do with biking and was spent goofing around and refueling(eating). The next morning I woke up and saw that it was cold outside. What's up with that, this is VA. It wasn't actually cold, it was in the mid 30s, but the wind was terrible so it felt much colder. By race time the sun was shinning and the temperature wasn't an issue. I started out fine, on a flat out and back course, and made the turn around in 28min 30 sec. I knew the wind was at my back the whole way there because at one point I went to shift into a harder gear and realized I was already in my 53x11. A quick look at the speedometer and I saw I was cruising along at 32mph. After the turn around it was a struggle. You immediately got smacked in the face with a cold wind and all you could do is hold your aero position and keep pedaling hard. I ended up with a finishing time of 1:03:10.50. It was good enough for 6th place out of 42 in Cat.4 and 27 out of 240 overall. It was really fun and it was interesting to do a race that flat. I can only imagine what a road race would be like.


New bike in Race Dress

It's ready for VA this weekend, I don't know if I am.


Jumping into the Blog

Hey, this old dog just learned something new. I'm bloggin' baby. I also wanted to share my plan for more speed this year. I've added a new power-adding accessory to my bike. I found a nice chrome 3" exhaust tip while on a ride. When I figure out how to post a picture, I'll show you my new setup. Do you think it's a good plan?


Well, sometimes I like being proved wrong. Less than 24 hours after wondering if I'd get to ride my TT bike outside before the race in VA I was out on the road. Not exactly ideal conditions outside but I'll take it. I think the bike fit is just about right and the position is comfortable. My shoulders were a little sore and I'm not exactly sure why. I'd be happy to hear any suggestions.