Power in a Cup

While training is best measured this time of year by "time on the bike" and not by "miles", one thing remains constant...the sweet taste of espresso afterwards!


Alternative Training

While some of us prefer riding outdoors... and others of us prefer riding indoors... they are both still (just) riding. Meanwhile, Shredder, marching to the beat of a different drummer, considers cross country skiing to be a viable way to bring his fitness on-line this time of year!


4 hour trainer ride!

It's over and what an experience. Not necessarily a good one but it was an experience for sure. Read about it here.


Big Snow !

3 Hours of playing in the snow for Sam and I today. IT WAS GREAT :) Here are a few pics!


The Enemy!


New Year's Day Ride

Sun, 15 degF, and clear/dry roads made for a nice ride this morning, our 15th Annual New Year's Day ride. Only four of us braved the day, Ray Sielski, Brian Hopkins, John McClintock, and me! (Henry Dimmick)
Coming from 4 corners, we met in neutral turf just outside Kittanning (Pa.), and rode using the sun and "dead-reckoning" as our guide to a 2 hour loop.
A sunny day ride will ALWAYS be a great way to start the year!
Go Steelers :)