Lynskey Poster Child?!!

The following picture showed up on Lynskey Performance Designs FaceBook page today!

Photo by Deidre York

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In case you can't read my comment, it says, "I love the way the light comes off the Helix of the Pro29... as well as (off) the Double Helix of Sam's musculature!!!" 

What a Stud  :)

Tampa (Florida) Criterium

Dave Shaffer was in Florida for a few day racking up lots of flat and windy miles to start off the season.  While he was there, he competed in a Criterium, and sent home the following story, along with a picture of he and his mates without shirts ...that I will not be posting here due to the overwhelming amount of Western Pa. Winter-White skin...!!!

Dave Texted:
Didn't get much of a warm up mainly there wasn't any where to warm up, they wouldn't let anybody ride the course so sat kind of in back of pack to learn the course, 6 turn some cobble sections and narrow streets,pretty awesome course, with speeds hovering almost 31 mph gaps happened pretty quick, being towards the back I found myself in one of those gaps,

With a 400 mile pretty intense week my leggs were pretty tired to respond, kept going as fast as I could at 25 mph caught a few more gapped riders dropped them, pretty soon I got lapped and hung on to the back of the pack, finnaly my leggs came around, but just stayed near the back as not to interfere with the guys that lapped me.

I got 27th in the 35+ class and did not stick around for the pro race,as rummors of a possible snow storm in wva so wanted to get on the road..  Well, back up north to cold reality,set my sights for next sundays circut race in north east pa....race weather today 87 sunny......


Amity RR #2

Steve Marlette and Dave Shaffer attended the second Amity Road "Training Race".

In the Master's Race, Steve took 7th Place.

In the Men's 1/2/3 Race, Dave took 11th Place.
Photos by Fred Jordan
from Steve's perspective:
The sun was shinning and the temperature had come up to the 50’s by the start of the race. It was the first day of spring and my first race of the season. The weather for the 2nd Amity road race was much nicer than the first, but the hill on the 7 lap course was not any less long or steep.

Dave Shafer and I took a casual warm-up lap before the race started. He told me that he was headed to Florida right after the race. If you really feel like you need a reason to go on vacation and relax, the Amity Road race can certainly provide.

On the first lap I dropped my chain just before the steepest part of the climb. After several miles of chasing, I managed to catch the pack just before starting uphill again for the second lap. I stayed in contact with the lead pack of the masters race until the 5th time up the hill, which by now, was more like a wall. The group was just in sight at few points over the last 2 laps, but the race was full on and my legs were nearly out.

I finished just behind Skip, the winner of last weeks race, so overall I was happy with my performance. You could not have asked for nicer weather or a better workout for a “training race.”


Dismal Dash 40k TT

Brian Hopkins started off his individual time trialing year with the Dismal Dash 40K TT in Suffolk, Va.

Cutting 3 minutes off his time from last year, Brian took 3rd Place in the Cat 1/2/3 race.

Watch for more of the story on his Blog: Cartwheels in Left Field (on the right sidebar).

Amity Road Race #1

The Appalachian Bicycle Racing Association kicked off the 2001 season with the Amity (Pa.) Spring Training Road Race this past weekend.

Ag3r/FoxVelo riders Mark Briercheck, Dan Schar, Dave Shaffer and T.Lyle Ferderber all attended.

Photos Courtesy of Fred Jordan

Mark Briercheck's Writes:
The Amity-ville Horror was indeed an appropriate name for the kick off of the 2011 Road Racing season in lovely Amity, PA. With a high noon start time and a balmy temperature of 34 degrees it was nearly perfect for Spring Classics weather.
With Ag3r/FoxVelo appearances by T.Lyle Ferderber, Dan Schar, Dave Shaffer, and Mark Briercheck, the day was set to be an eye opening experience to bicycle racing in 2011. After ample warm up time and plenty of food, the general forecast for the days ride looked to be "challenging".  The course was a 5 mile loop. 2.5 miles up followed by 2.5 miles down. And no, the course did not disappoint! (For a visual representation, please see the diagram below).
T. Lyle & Schar raced in the 40+ group...
...while Shaffer and Briercheck raced in the Cat 1/2/3 race.
No matter which race you chose it was a suffer-fest. There are no gritty details to reveal. It was just a hard Spring race that didn't allow for anyone to sit in. Some good solid efforts were put out by all despite the cold and gray of the afternoon.

On the day Shaffer took 13th in the 1/2/3 just edging out Briercheck who came in at 14th.

Overall it was a great way to kick off the season and definitely laid the groundwork for what needs to be done to move up as the year takes off. As for next weekend- Amity II, the Demon Hill's Revenge!

T.Lyle Ferderber reports:
I raced in the 40+ group and it must have been the cold numbing my brain, making me think I was more capable than I really was. After 2 warmup laps (twice up the HILL), I finished 5 more laps (equivalent to the 4/5s) and called it a day.

As folks dropped off the back and out of the race (the UPMC guy with me in the pics only lasted 3 laps), I realized I'd be last, so out of the kindness of my heart and with true compassion for those volunteers and riders with frostbite, I stopped after 25 miles of racing which was enough for me.
This Sunday, it is the 4/5s for me. Thanks go out to ABRA and JR Petsko for finding a place to race where we haven't been yelled at yet by the residents!


A Matter of Perspective

This is a view of what Sam will see when he looks "down" upon the rest of us, still miles behind him in a local Boulder climb!


Race to Any Place?

Steve Brewer and Mark Briercheck kicked off their racing season by not going anywhere.  Literally.

These two Ag3r boys headed to downtown Pittsburgh to attend the 11th Annual 'Race to Anyplace' (http://www.racetoanyplace.com) to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

This race was a distance competition on spin bikes and Schwinn Airdynes. Because the spin bikes were too easy, Steve and Mark accompanied two teams that were signed up for the Airdyne divison.

Steve jumped on with the Pro Bikes squad (http://www.probikesllc.com) while Mark had been recruited by his gym, Team Keystone (http://www.keystonehealthclub.com).

The immediate goal of the day was to complete a team race for 6 hours on an Airdyne. The bigger picture goal was to raise money and awareness for Leukemia and Lymphoma research.

The Plan:
Each team member takes a 15 minute rotation pedaling their heart out as hard as they could. After your shift, you bask in the glow of blaring music, tons of food, lots of hydration, and the general craziness of a saturday morning party where everyone is super fit and having super fun! Then - once you are adequately bloated on food and dancing and feel like laying down for a nap...

....oh...yeah...you have to get back on the airdyne again and go as hard as you can for another 15 minutes.  Now just rinse and repeat this process for six hours!

While three or four 15 minute rounds on an airdyne might seem simple, the reality of a poorly fitting bike, no clip in pedals, a giant marshmallow type seat, blaring music, and a giant crowd all add up to one crazy, tough, fun, and great event.

Although Steve and Mark left before the days winners were announced...I'm sure the most important winner of the day was the $22,000 that was raised for a great cause.

....Story by Mark Briercheck


A New Season Starts

This weekend marks the beginning of the 2011 Racing season.

At present, Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem racers Kirk Morrison and Dan Schar are Registered...with threats of attending by Mark Briercheck and FoxVelo Club member Dave Shaffer!  More may follow  :)

Stay tuned for the year's first RESULTS posting.