New "Worm"...?

"Asphalt is for Racing...Dirt is for Worms"... ...is the Ag3r Roadie motto! However, our "Ag3r Worms" say: Either way, a new Worm may have joined our ranks! With the purchase of a 2008 Demo (used) 29er MTB from ProBikes in Squirrel Hill, Hunter Dimmick has entered the "pleasurable" world of Mountain Bike ownership! His first ride was a 20 degF, windy, Rail-to-Trails ride, which included some snow drift surfing!

So, he proved he will ride in the cold & snow...

..but will he ride in the mud? Only time will tell :)


Greetings from sunny Florida!

Unlike the rest of my teammates who have been riding in the cold of winter and across frozen lakes and such I have spent the last 3 weeks in Southern Florida. I've been putting in some pretty big miles (by my standards, not Sam's) and I've finally got back on my TT bike. It seems to take a while after being off my TT bike for so long but things are finally starting to feel "right" again.It was really windy on my ride today and I got pretty beat up but considering it was also 74 degrees and sunny who am I to complain. Been doing some cross training also................not really but I was forced to go so I figure I may as well make it sound like I was training. Don't worry, I rode 52 miles later that day when I got home


Riding on Water

Some of the best rides can only be done (once) a year.
After a bit of road riding, followed by some snowmobile trails, and a stretch of hike-a-bike, we made our way to Moraine State Park Lake for today's ride!
At first, we were full of energy, with Sam and Richy racing each other until Sam found a bit of a snow drift, and over the bars he went!
What may have seemed a bit boring at first, turned into quite a winter workout... and a few gaps opened between riders!
Clear out here... there was no cell phone signal...
...and landmarks were few and far between.
We learned that ice cares not of Studded Tires, nor of Studded Riders!
But there were some fun and games...
...along with a bit of "Island Hopping"...
...with a strange group of "neighbors" proving we were NOT in Kansas anymore!
Near the end of the ride, the ice had melted quite a bit...
...leading to a 3-man, insantaneous & simultaneous crash!
We were all CRUSHED from this seemingly "easy" ride, but we had a great time!


It's a love hate thing......

Did a loop on the fixie this afternoon...around 20 mi. Now in my opinion riding a fixie is one of the best and fastest ways to get into shape....this is the love part...... to read more and see what i found today click here


No Winter Maintenance

Today was a beautiful day for a pre-Super Bowl ride! So while Sam went out with a local C3-Sollay rider for a 7 hour mtb ride(!!!), Frosty and I hit a collection of No Winter Maintenance roads for some packed snow CX grinding! We started by climbing with Jerome(!)... Then followed a few Snowmobiles...
Doing wheelies into snow drifts along the way...
Confirming that behind every Great Team.. is another Great Team :)
Let's Go STEELERS :)