Nov 28: Dirty Dozen

The following are Text Messages, coming to you LIVE, from Kirk Morrison during the course of today's Dirty Dozen Hill Climb (Race)!!! 12:00 pm Sam (Morrison) Hill #1 - 3rd Hill #2 - 1st Hill #3 - 4th Hill #4 - 2nd Mark Briercheck and I are surviving. ------------------------------------------- 12:41 pm Hill #5 - 1st Total Points so far: Steevo leading 20 - 19 ------------------------------------------- 12:43 pm Hill #6 - Sam 2nd ------------------------------------------- 12:47 pm Sam in 1st Place. Ahead of Steevo by 3 pts ------------------------------------------- 1:23 pm Hill #7 - 2nd Sam in 1st Place by 2 pts ------------------------------------------- 1:41 pm FaceBook post by Suzanne Atkinson

------------------------------------------- 2:04 pm After Hill #8... Sam in 1st Place, leading steevo by 4 points ------------------------------------------- 2:40 pm Hill #9 - Canton. Sam forced into left line and the leaves. Steevo 1st. Sam 5th. Tied Overall. ------------------------------------------- 2:50 pm Big Field - Over 180 riders ------------------------------------------- 3:10 pm Hill #10 - Sam 1st. Steevo 2nd. ------------------------------------------- 3:32 pm Hill #11 - Steevo 2nd. Sam 3rd. Tied Again. ------------------------------------------- 3:50 pm Hill #12 - Steevo 1st. Sam 2nd. Chris Mayhew tops out the podium in 3rd.

WOW... what a battle!


Nov 22: Kirtland Park CX

This past weekend found the Ag3r Team in Cleveland, Ohio...
...at the Kirtland Park CycloCross.
Again, the day was beautiful... so unlike Cross Season!
Kirtland's claim to fame is The Amphitheatre of Pain!
Racing today were Rich Allen (7th Place Men's C)
Hanna Brewer (2nd Place Women's C)
...who was being photographed from MULTIPLE angles! That's Kirk Morrison framed in the rear wheel!
Steve Brewer (2nd Place Men's C)
Henry Dimmick (26th Place Men's B)
Sam Morrison (6th Place Men's A)
...cheered on by all his fans!
...and ALSO photgraphed from MULTIPLE angles!
THIS is MY view. (Hi Kirk... we see you there in ORANGE!)
...and THIS is Kirk's View!
...and Ray Sielski (16th Place Men's C)
... who is PROUD to have achieved D.O.R.K. status!
Thanks to ALL who contributed photos, using my camera or theirs!


Nov 14: Kent State CX

This past Saturday, Mike Maher, Steve Marlette, Rich Allen, Ray Sielski and I (Henry Dimmick) headed off to Kent State University for a CycloCross race. ...and a gorgeous day it was for a Road Trip!

Upon our arrival, Steve broke out his latest in Team Warm-Wear... a fashion risk if ever we saw one! The first race of the day was the Men's Cat 4... which is why we entered 4 riders :)

Steve Marlette...

Ray Sielski...

Rich Allen...

..and Mike Maher.

At the end of the race, Steve took 5th Place, and Mike took 4th Place ... after letting a rider pass him at the LAST moment because he thought there was one more lap to go ... gosh darn-it :)

Of course... we had to hear ALL ABOUT IT afterwards!!!

In the next race, the Men's B, my excuse was even weaker than Mike's ... as the Concrete Edge of Death and Destruction took me out with a flat in the FIRST LAP.... DNF for me :(

Soldiering on were Mike & Steve...

...cheeered on ALL OVER THE COURSE by the Ag3r Peanut Gallery!!!

All in all, an awesome day... the weather, the course and the company included!


Nov 01: Boulder Cup

Our Western Mid-Western Team Rep, Sam Morrison, competed in the Boulder Cup this past weekend. You heard that right... as in Boulder, Colorado! While some say Sam has only two speeds... FAST and OFF (!) ... it would seem that SINGLE Speeds are his strength... evidenced by Sam taking 5th Place in the SS Race!!! That makes 3 top 5 finishes in 3 ACA (American Cycling Association) Races this season! You can read & see more about it HERE :)


Nov 01: Pittsburgh 1/2 Marathon

Hanna Brewer proved that strong legs and lungs can do more than just pedal a bicycle, by running in the Pittsburgh 1/2 Marathon.
Finishing with a time of 1:48:09, Hanna took 32nd Place in the Women's 25-29 Division...
...508th Place Overall out of 2062 total runners. Well Done Hanna : )

Oct 31: Marilla CX

Dirty Mike Maher (and his bike!) were exactly that... Dirty ... after doing 2 races at this weekend's Marilla CycloCross Race.

In the Single Speed Race, Mike took 9th Place ... just happy that his chain stayed together!

In the Men's B Race, Mike improved on that result by taking 6th Place.

Two excellent finishes in harsh conditions... proving again just how Dirty Mike really is!