Results & Appearance Update

Don't look now, but we are around HALF WAY THROUGH the (all disciplines) bicycle racing year!

July 19: 6 Hours of Power

Sam Morrison drove solo to Ellicotville, NY for the 6 Hours of Power MTB Race this past weekend. Or as Sam put it on FaceBook: "Eat. Drive. Eat. Sleep out. Eat. Race for 6 hours. Eat. Drive." That little "Race for 6 Hours" thing there in the middle netted Sam 9th Place Overall / 4th Place 19-29 yrs. You can read a bit more about Sam's adventure at http://www.samlikesbikes.blogspot.com/

July 18: Shannock Valley (Run & Bike)

Mike Maher, previously known as Dirty Mike, and more recently known as Clean Mike when he started competing in triathlons ... masqueraded as Runner-Mike this weekend by competing in the Shannock Valley 5K Run......BEFORE competing on his bike! Starting off the day by putting one foot in front of the other(!), Mike took 8th Place Overall and 1st Place 40-44 Age Group. ----------------- Next up came the Shannock Valley Mtn Bike Race. This time, Mike was joined by Brian Hopkins (fresh off of his Friday night near-track-record 25 mile Individual Time Trail) and Rich Allen.

Mike Maher, Brian Hopkins, Rich Allen

The results here were: 20th Place Overall / 7th Place 25-29 - Brian Hopkins 29th Place Overall / 2th Place 40-44 - Mike Maher 46th Place Overall / 4th Place 50-59 - Rich Allen After (a summer) of hard work, Mike ends up reverted back to his roots... and back to being "Dirty Mike"... Welcome back Mike :)

Also, you can read more about Brian's weekend at http://www.briansbikeblog.blogspot.com/


July 17: PMVC Time Trial

Rain or shine...bike races happen! This past Friday night was Pittsburgh Masters Velo Club's 25 mile Individual Time Trial. ...and interestingly enough, it seems like it was actually a FAST night in these conditions...!!!??? When the first racers went off, the sky was dark, but the roads were dry. By the time the last rider went off, it was raining HARD. The hard rain kept up for about 15 minutes, then settled into a medium rain for the next 30 minutes before stopping just before the first riders were finishing their Hour of Pain! Only 4 Brave (stupid!) Ag3r Souls competed in this evening's event: 1st Place - Brian Hopkins (4 seconds short of the 5 year old Track Record) TERRIFIC!!! 4th Place - Steve Marlette (Holder of the MOST sub-hour performances at this distance since the beginning of the PMVC Event)... all while setting a Personal Record at this distance! 10th Place - Henry Dimmick (shouting encouragment with each lapping by Hopkins & Marlette!) 12th Place - Ray Sielski (Setting a Personal Record at this distance!) Go X-Ray!

Pictured: Hopkins (L) and Sielski (R)


July 12: Renfrew Ras Results

Men's 4/5
Men's 40+
Women's Open

Men's 1/2/3

Thank You ALL for coming :)

Renfrew Ras - Butler Eagle Newspaper Article

TT Ranking Update

Brian Hopkins is on track for a 2009 Pennsylvania State #1 Ranking repeat :)
Go Brian, Go!


July 12: Renfrew Ras

The following is a post race story by Ag3r racer Steve Marlette! The Renfrew Rás was an enjoyable experience for my first road race. It may have not been the best choice based on my current abilities, but you could not have asked for a better day and the course was picturesque. The race was well organized and the Ag3r guys did a great job supporting the race! I heard a lot of cheers cheers as I came around the course. I learned that I am not very good on steep climbs. The Renfrew hill was a killer! My second time up the hill separated me from the lead group almost from the bottom. I ended up on my own for the second half of lap two until I hit the hill for the third time. Even with a 27 tooth sprocket, I was not sure I could make to the top. There, on that leg busting hill, four rides caught up to me. I stayed with them to almost the end were I tried an early jump to get a gap before the last hill. But as soon as I hit the small hill before the finish, I knew I was going to get passed - by all of them! It was a nice experience and good workout :-) Thanks to T-Lyle for pre-riding the course with me and giving me a few tips on how to stay out of trouble. Steve (the flatter the better - TT guy)


Renfrew Ras on YouTube

Thanks to Mark Bold, you can preview the course from the seat of his moto! The King of the Mountain (KOM) climb begins at 4:20 ...and finishes at 4:50. Of course, your times may vary :) 1 lap = ~8.5 miles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkl9velMnNQ Thanks Mark!


July 12: Renfrew Ras Road Race

This weekend is the Renfrew Ras Road Race in Butler, Pa. Registered to Race for Ag3r are: Sam Morrison Dave Shaffer Steve Marlette Ag3r & FoxVelo members Marshalling Corners are: Randy McCracken Mark Briercheck Rich Allen Ray Sielski Jim Miller Rich Seevers Dave Hickey Ag3r members part of the Organizing "Committee" (of 2!) are: Henry Dimmick - Course Prep/Corner Marshal/MotoMarshal Coordinator

Ag3r members serving as Motorcycle Marshals are: Henry Dimmick Ken DeFurio

Additionally, the following Ag3r Family Members will take part in putting on the race:
Kirk Morrison - Corner Marshal
Matt Sielski - Corner Marshal
Hunter Dimmick - Corner Marshal
Cindy Dimmick - Registration
Learn More HERE

July 3: PMVC Time Trials

Last Friday night was another 10 mile Individual Time Trial held by Oscar Swan and the Pittsburgh Masters Velo Club (PMVC). It was a fast night! 1st Place - 20.46 - Joe Vallese (new track record, 28.9 mph) Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem riders placed as follows: 4th - 21.59 - Stephen Marlette (New Personal Record) 13th - 23.58 - T. Lyle Ferderber 14th - 24.16 - Dave Hickey 17th - 24.58 - Ray Sielski (New Personal Record) 20th - 25.20 - Rich Allen Additional Results were earned by FoxVelo Club Member: 21st - 25.24 - Jim Miller ...as well as by Ag3r Pleeb(!!!): 7th - 22.30 - Steven Brewer Well done SPEEDSTERS :)