OUCH ...#&@!

Aaron (A-Bomb) Zirnsak had a minor mishap with a curb...

...and despite the looks of his front wheel, Aaron actually won (you should see the curb)!!!

Kevlar Bead?  Not Bullet-Proof Enough for A-Bomb!

New Technology "Wavy Spokes"!

Note that the hub is centered over the (ground side) rim as an indication of how FAR OUT of TRUE the (air side) rim actually is...!



Luke Scrivanich drove all of 10 minutes from his house to the Santa Rosa finish of the Tour of California....and rubbed it in our faces by sending us these pictures!

You da Man, Luke!


East Ohio Time Trial

The May Eastern Ohio Time Trial had good turnout with over 70 participants. The weather was very nice as well, with a fast tail wind going out and a pounding head wind coming back.

I covered the first half of the course waaaay faster than I had ever done before, but lost nearly all the time that I gained on the way back!

I ended the day in 1st Place of my age group, and 2nd Place Overall (by 1 second!).

It has been a nice start to the racing season!

Note that I actually beat David Thorton, who raced the course for the first time.  I felt pretty good about that!

~by Steve Marlette


Wisp XC

ABRA MTB #1 - Logan Krause

Mike Maher has been helpful in my training, and Steve & Hannah Brewer helped me out at Brady's run. But for this race, I was ON MY OWN!!!

Before the start, I realized that I had lost the nose piece to my glasses and had to have my mom run up to the store by the white water course and get a new pair, turned out to be a very worthwhile purchase.

The day started off pouring down rain. At the time of the start it was still raining and didn't look like it was going to let up anytime soon. It didn't stop raining until almost the end of the first lap.
Photo by Fred Jordan

At the pre race meeting Jr had mentioned that he had changed the course, and changed the course he did! The course consisted of a lot of single track and the first half of the race was all down hill. Then of course, the second half was all UP hill...! And the course turned out to be 10 miles a lap, not the original 8, so my 16 mile race turned into almost 21 miles!

While there were a bunch of DNF out of all of the categorys, I stuck it out and finished in 16th Place of the Men's Sport 2/3 Division.

Over all it was a fun, hard, fast race! I would do it again just never in the rain on that course!
~ by Logan Krause


6 Hours of Brady's Run

Sunday was a perfect day for racing. Fast dry trails and 70 degree temps are MTB heaven at this time of year. Logan Krause braved the 6 hour race Solo Division, with Steve and Hannah Brewer riding in the Co-Ed DUO Division.

Team Ag3r/BrewCrew got off to a rough start when Steve stripped a hub on his first lap. While he was hiking the bike, another Butler rider saw his dilemma and kindly took the time at the transition zone to inform me that Steve was "off of his bike." I was given permission by the race officials to ride out to meet Steve to get his chip, finish his lap, and begin my first lap. As I was backtracking (half on/half off of the course) as to not get in the way of the racers, "Double Muff" picked up speed and coasted into the finish line, missing me and leaving him at the transition zone with no partner.........

After searching the trail and not finding him, I headed back to the transition zone. After searching the transition zone and not finding me, Steve ditched his dilapidated geared bike and took the Niner Rigid out for Lap 2.

Photo by Mike Briggs
So, Double Muff did Double Laps(!), as I waited impatiently in the transition zone.
Finally, things got back to normal.
Steve came through on his 2nd lap, and I headed out for our 3rd lap.

Photo by Mike Briggs
After Lap 3, I decided to double up and go straight out for our 4th lap since I was either going to have to double up then or later. Steve rode/ran laps 1 and 2, I rode laps 3 and 4, and Steve rode lap 5. We FINALLY started to ride consistently, putting in 54-58 minute laps.
My 3rd (and last) lap was my favorite lap of the day. I finally felt comfortable on the trails, and rode smoother than I did on my first two laps – if only I had fresh legs!

Photo by Mike Briggs
Since we were so far behind at the start, we assumed we would each only get three laps in. Unexpectantly, we finished in time for Steve to put in a 4th lap. At this point, he had had enough of the rigid-fork single speed and took my 29er out for his 4th, and our 7th/final lap.

Photo by Mike Briggs
After a long and chaotic day, we finished in 5th place in the Co-Ed DUO category. Not too bad for starting out DFL. And for the record, it is way more fun to play "catch-up” at the bar than it is at a mountain bike race :)
While driving home after the race, I declared that I was done doing 6 hour races. Steve agreed. This morning, all it took was one cup of coffee and I was already Google-ing 6 Hours of Power!
Results from our long but fun day can be found at:
Teammate Logan rode strong as a Solo rider, finishing four fast laps.

Photo by Mike Briggs
Solo results can be found at:

Photo by Tim Marsh
Thanks to LOGAN’S DAD for holding down the fort while the riders were out – and for providing water and the moral support that EVERY participant in an endurance race needs between laps.
-- Story by Hannah


Erie Time Trial

Presque Isle State Park - Erie, Pa.

Steve Marlettte and Ray Sielski represented Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem at the Spring event benefiting the Iroquois School District Foundation.

Perfect spring conditions for racing, fair winds, calm lake,  clear sky, 55 degrees at the start. Great day to race... all the makings for a fast course out and no tail wind on the way back.

These perfect conditions made it a challenge to keep the Spring Legs (and Spring Brain) "in check"!

Steve Marlette
6th Place Overall
2nd Place in age group
(2 seconds short of his Personal Record)

Ray Sielski
51st overall
15th Place in age group


~by Ray Sielski


It's ALL Kirk

While the rest of us were still sitting on the couch...

...the first FIVE races of the year were ALL raced solo by Kirk (The Machine) Morrison!

Raleigh SS Derby
UCI CycloCross Worlds
Race Date:  1-31-13
Race Location:  Seneca Park, Louisville, KY
Race Category:  Open Men
Finish: 39th Place of 80 starteres in this "Unofficial" fun-race!
Yellow Creek Grass Roots MTB - March
Race Date:  3-30-13
Race Location:  Yellow Creek State Park, PA
Race Category:  Expert, 18 miles (around the lake)
Finish Place/TT Time:  18th Place
Race Review (from the organizers website):  “Cool 32 degree start made way for a nice 45 degree finish.  Sunny.  Trails a little muddy, but overall not bad”.
Comments:  I was glad that I didn’t come in “last place” for my first Expert class race.  Had a good day with the exception of a few wrong turns and a broken spoke in my rear wheel (in one of the rock gardens).
Best regards,


Yellow Creek Grass Roots MTB - April
Race Date:  4-21-13
Race Name:  Yellow Creek Grassroots Racing MTB
Race Location:  Yellow Creek State Park, PA
Race Category:  Expert, 18 miles (around the lake)
Finish Place/TT Time:  21st Place

Race Review (from the organizers website):  “Clear. Sunny.  Starting temps in the low 40’s, finishing temps in the low 50’s.  Course was dry and fast despite late week thunderstorms which made way for a new course record and lots of PR’s on Strava.”

Comments:  This is one of the best courses I’ve ever ridden with a good mix of fast singletrack, rock gardens, climbs as well as great views of the lake.  While I was still far back in the standings, I was able to improve my time by 13 minutes (over the same 18 mile course from the March race).

Best regards,
ABRA McKeesport Granprix (crit)
Race Date:  4-27-13
Race Location:  McKeesport, PA
Race Category:  Masters 50+
Finish Place/TT Time:  12th Place
Race Review:  Clear. Sunny.  Starting temps in the 50’s, finishing temps in the 60’s.  Nice 0.80 mile circuit with open, safe turns and a ¼ mile hill (19 times …).  In spite of the “safe” course, my race had a crash from wheel overlap in the flat, straight section near the Start/Finish line.  While I was not caught up in this, Gunnar Shogren did go down in this crash and (after banging his derailleur back into place and swapping out a replacement for a bent wheel) he was still able to rejoin the race and take the win.
Comments:  Nice race at this new venue with some local spectators and a good number of racers (I believe with a record # of racers for an ABRA Crit).  I enjoyed the chance to watch my nephew (Aaron Morrison) and his co-worker race in the 4/5 race prior to my start.  A few pics from Fred Jordan are attached.
Pedal Pine Springs (XC Mtb)
Race Date:  5-4-13
Race Location:  Jennerstown, PA
Race Category:  Expert
Finish Place/TT Time:  15thPlace

Race Review:  Clear. Sunny.  Starting temps in the 50’s, finishing temps in the 60’s.  Fast 2 mile course with some tight single-track, a few stream crossings, a jump, and a mud pit.  The Expert group did 6 laps on this course with lap times in the 10-12 minute range.  My race was fairly uneventful (no crashes !) with the exception of an apparent rear tire puncture on lap #3.  Fortunately, my tubeless Stan’s setup did a great job of sealing up the hole so I was able to finish out the race on slightly lower pressure, “squishy” rear tire.

Comments:  Nice race at this new venue (their second year) with some local spectators and a lot of enthusiastic volunteers.  I even won a wind-vest in the swag drawing after the race.  I’d definitely like to come back for next years event.

Kirk M.



Comeback TIME?

TIME moves on...

TIME to START it all over again!

2012 Final Results