ReRun 5K

Mike Maher took out his running shoes this weekend for the Re-Run 5k road race in Delmont, Pa.

I am not sure if he wore THESE to race in, but he finished in:

1st Place of the Men's 40-49 division
...and in...
10 Place Overall

Run Forest, Run  : )

Erie Time Trial

Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem had 9 riders at this past weekend's Iroquois Sports Boosters Presque Isle Individual Time Trial.

With a temperature of 50 degrees, and heavy rain leading to lots of standing water on the course, the race was almost postponed.  But once the final clearance was given to race, a few of our riders really got down to business!

Brian Hopkins: 1st Place 20-29 / 2nd Place Overall
(2.5 seconds short of his P.R.)

Hanna Brewer: 1st Place 20-29 / 74th Place Overall
(Personal Record)

Steve Brewer: 3rd Place 20-29 / 14th Place Overall

Steve Marlette: 5th Place 40-49 / 9th Place Overall

Randy McCracken: 10th Place 50-59 / 31st Place Overall

Henry Dimmick: 13th Place 40-49 / 30th Place Overall

Kirk Morrison: 13th Place 50-59 / 42nd Place Overall

Rich Allen: 14th Place 50-59 / 46th Place Overall

Ray Sielski: 18th Place 50-59 / 57th Place Overall

While the rain finally stopped (after the race was over!), the muddy parking lot couldn't dampen our award winning spirits!

Also in part due to the rain, "we" had no problem staying hydrated  :)

Race at the Lake #2

Mark Briercheck and Dan Schar traveled to Munroe Falls, Ohio for the second installment of the 2010 Race at the Lake series.  Together, they animated the race AND finished in the top 10 of the Men's Category 2/3/4, 35+ division.

Dan Schar - 4th Place

Mark Briercheck - 9th Place

Read more on Dan's NEW BLOG: "On the Schardar"!


Sea Otter Classic

Sam & Kirk Morrison met each other in California to attend the 2010 Sea Otter Classic.  Below are the results texted back by Kirk!

Kirk M.
Mens Masters 45+ Road Race: 22nd place
100 mile Gran Fondo: Finished in 6.5 hrs of riding (7k feet of climbing)

Sam M.
Cat 1 XC 19-24: 9th place
Collegiate XC: DNF (blew out a freehub midrace ... hiked back to civilization).

Had a great time. Hoping to come back next year. Next up... A leisurely ride through the Puget Sound islands tomorrow before getting back to work on Tuesday.

Mingo Creek Road Race #2

Steve Marlette was the only Team member to race this past weekend's Mingo Road Race. Despite his preference for Individual Time Trials, Steve was forced to race the open roads because the Washington Blvd Track was being repaved!

Nevertheless, Steve made a good showing, sticking with the lead group of the Master's 45+ field through 7 laps of climbing, finishing in 6th place.


Here is a quick story by Skip Rogers about the final turn:

We were very nice to Mr. Marlette. He watched five of us, well mostly four of us, take pulls for 30+ miles, seven laps of Mingo. There was some rumor as to whether Steve was going to come around at the end at take win in the final sprint. With 200 meters to go, we were all watching each other, wondering who was going to blink first. Steve moved forward, the gears got to banging, and away we went!

At the next to last turn no one yelled "right turn", and Steve kept going straight!  He showed that TT people like to point, and shoot. Steve has been at the WB Oval so much he does not know a bike can turn right!


and here is the story from Steve's point of view  :)

At the start of the race I new I had no chance against the other teams. As I may have mentioned, I can't sprint and a solo break away was not likely to work with these guys.

When they slowed down to see who would take the lead on the last lap my only concern was that my heart rate was dropping. So I figure what the heck, I will drag them up to the line and at least get in a good workout. I just missed the turn because I was not paying good attention after looking back to see if everyone was still on my tail. I should have not bothered to look – of course everyone was there.

I also learned that these guys take the turns faster than I do, so I should not have been at the front in the first place until we got through all the sharp turns. I did get a pretty good workout since I had to continually bridge the gap after every turn (including the one I missed).


NJ Route 29 Individual Time Trial

Steve Brewer and Brian Hopkins traveled into "Jersey" this weekend for an Individual Time Trial.

Brian took 1st Place in the Cat 3 division and 2nd Place Overall  : )

Steve took 6th Place in the Cat 5 division, but should have been properly placed in the Cat 4 division where he would have taken 4th Place.

Them boys are flying!

Steve wrote a quick blurb on his Blog if you wanna check it out, and Brian said he too would write something on his Blog (tonight!).

Mingo Creek Road Race

Kirk Morrison and T.Lyle Ferderber were the only Club members BRAVE enough to show up for the opening race of the Mingo Creek Road Race Series.

Much the exception to the rule (of history), it turned out to be a nice weather day!

Kirk, finishing in 16th Place, competed in the Master's 45+ Division, racing 7 laps of the course for 33 total miles.

T.Lyle, finishing in 42nd Place, raced Cat 4/5, completing 6 laps for 28 miles.

Fred Jordan took a bunch of pictures of the race.  You can get to his site by clicking his name on the right sidebar under "Our Athletic Supporters"!


Rock Hill Cycling Classic

Mark Briercheck was on the road this weekend, in a big way, clear down into South Carolina.  Official Results are Pending... but here is his story:
Sunday April 11, 2010 - Rock Hill, South Carolina.

While Fabian Cancellara was busy winning Paris Roubaix today, I took place in the 2010 Rock Hill Cycling Classic Criterium in Rock Hill, South Carolina (http://www.rockhillbicycleclub.com/RHBCRaces.php). I raced the Cat 123 Masters 35+ race. I believe we had 30 riders in my race of a 20 miles. The course was a mostly flat 1 mile loop around a beautiful lake on the campus of Winthrop University. During the warm up i noticed lots of college girls laying out for a tan by the lake! And then there was the WInthrop University Girls volleyball team practicing outside as well!!! And we're supposed to race in the middle of this?!??!?!!

Once the race got started. It was all business for the 20 miler. Being a single rider with what looked to be some well stocked teams in the crit presented its own set of problems. I made a break at two separate occassions but couldn't get anyone to come with me. Two other times I chased breaks down and spent the rest of my energy. With 2 laps to go a 5 man group made a clean break and had 100 yards on the rest of the field so basically I was done and finished the race mid pack.

After the race was over I learned that actually a solo guy went off the front early in the race (don't know how I missed that) and he pretty much time trialed the whole race and left everyone in the dust. Ouch.

Overall though it was a beautiful warm day (high 70's) and a well organized event. Throw in the fact it was a crash free race and I'll say that for my first race of the year it went quite well. A good day indeed!


Morgantown Road Race

(New) Ag3r racer Dan Schar (still unofficial until the new kits arrive!), headed south into the West Virginia Mountains this past Saturday for the Appalachian Bicycle Racing Association's Morgantown Road Race.

On what turned out to be a near record high temperature afternoon, Dan survived dehydration better than most to finish in 13th Place, in a competitive Open Category 40+yrs division.

Strangly enough, Dan did NOT get enough of the W.Va. hills... and was headed back down there again today with Dave Shaffer, for 80 more miles of it...

That just Sick  : )


Cee-ment Hill

When Roger speaks of his riding back in "THE Day"... THIS is the place where it all happened!

Kirk, "Making the Grade"!