Oct 25: Raccoon CX

Brian Hopkins, Steve Brewer and myself (Henry Dimmick) headed to Rochester, Pa. for the Raccoon Twp Park CycloCross Race... our second day in a row of racing :)
After yesterday's mudfest in Murrysville, THIS turned out to be a PERFECT day... 60 degF and sunny.
In the Men's 4 race, Steve Brewer took 2nd Place, and Brian Hopkins took 3rd Place... both on the Podium ...and BOTH with medals : )
In the Men's 40+ race, I was able to hold on to 4th Place.
In our second race, we all raced....actually... we all "rode for fun" together in the Men's 2/3/4 race!!!
After our races, we stayed to "Cyclo-Party" the Men's 1/2/3 race ... handing up Glazed Donuts and cold Foster's to the riders who were man enough to stomach them!
What a GREAT Weekend : ) Thanks to Brian Hopkins and JR Petsko for the photos.

Oct 24: Murrysville CX

After spending the majority of the day yesterday setting up the course, CX regulars Ray Sielski... Brian Hopkins... Steve Brewer... Mike Maher... and myself (Henry Dimmick), returned to RACE the course : ) Along for the "ride" were 2nd-time-crosser Steve Marlette... ...and 1st-time-crosser Mark Briercheck!!! With LOTS of rain the night before, the course was muddy enough that one rider was overhead saying that "riding in this mud steals your soul"! At the end of the day...the Results were in: Steve Brewer DNF the Men's 4 race after being taken out by a stick through the wheel, and took 31st in the Men's 3/4 race. Mark Briercheck took 15th in the Men's 4 race. Henry Dimmick took 13th in the Men's 45+, and 33rd in the Men's 3/4 race. Brian Hopkins took 8th in the Men's 4 race, and 26th in the Men's 3/4 race. Mike Maher took 7th in the Men's 4 race. Steve Marlette took 9th in the Men's 45+ race... ...and Ray Sielski took 18th in the Men's 4 race. Afterwards, Mike Maher, Steve Brewer & I stayed to help tear down the course... before heading to Butler for some cleaning and rest, before heading out to race The Raccoon CX tomorrow. Thanks to Photographers Brian Hopkin, Vaughn Wallace & me! ...and to whomever was operating our cameras while we were racing :)


Oct 23: Murrysville Ready

Ray Sielski & I (Henry), along with 5 guys from Team Freddie Fu, spent the day setting up the CycloCross course at Murrysville for tomorrow's race. Late in the morning, Mike Maher rolled in to lend a hand... and just after lunch, Steve Marlette spun through the course a few times on his bike to check the layout. While the rain held off until around 2pm... forecasts for tomorrow are for WAY better conditions than LAST year!!! Keep your fingers crossed : )


Oct 17: The Valmont Varmint : )

From 2,000 miles away, Sam Morrison reminds us that HE TOO was racing this past weekend!!! Dr. Frankin-Sam attended the Valmont Bike Park Ground Breaking Cross, racing his way to 2nd place in the SINGLE SPEED CLASS... on his mulit-million dollar, 27 speed mountain bike, stripped of all it gears via cable connections ... pitifully reduced to but one . single . speed.
They sure do things weird out there in Colorado...!!!


Oct 18: Kiski 5K

Mike Maher was the only Team Member in action this past weekend, "Running" in the Kiski 5K Road Race. Mike placed 13th Overall, 2nd in his Age Group.


Oct 11: Iron Cross Weekend

Brian Hopkins and Steve Brewer competed in this year's Iron Cross Weekend ... a combination of a traditional CycloCross Race on Saturday and "The World's Longest Cross Race" on Sunday! Saturday - Iron Cross Lite Steve finished 13th in the Men's 4 Race Brian crashed out of the Men's 3/4 Race - DNF Sunday - Iron Cross VII Brian finished 71st Overall out of 275 entrants. Steve finished 174th Overall You can read more about the weekend on Brian's Blog. ...and maybe more of the story from Steve's Blog sometime soon ...

Oct 10: QUEEN of the Mountain

While others were in the dirt this past weekend, Hanna Brewer grabbed her road bike to compete in the Clearfield Queen of the Mountain, a fund raiser for Habitat for Humanity of Clearfield County. Set up in an Individual Time Trial format, riders left at 30 second intervals for a HILL CLIMB of 1,100 feet in 5 miles. But as Hanna put it, "you get to ride down after you are done, so that makes it fun"! Finishing on the Women's Podium, Hanna took 3rd Place, a medal, and a bit of cash to pay for gas! Despite the temperatures outside (today), reports are that there was no snow at the top of the climb ...!!!


Oct 3: Grove City CX

This past weekend was the Grove City CycloCross race... a regular race-horse in the Month of Mud Series stable!
Returning for more grass and mud(?) were Steve Brewer, Rich Allen and Ray Sielski.
On the opposite extreme, appearing in their first CycloCross race were Steve Marlette and Hannah Brewer : )
By the end of the day, Ag3r had earned two top-10 finishes! Well Done Team :)
Masters 45+ :
Steve Marlette - 9th Sport : Steve Brewer - 12th Rich Allen - 15th Ray Sielski - 17th
Sport Women: Hannah Brewer - 4th

Welcome to "CROSS", Hannah and Steve!!!

Thanks to the Brew-Crew for the pictures.