2015 Results Summary

CX States

...and FINALLY, to FINISH off the 2015 Season:

Ag3r Pennsylvania State Team
Ray, Steve, Mark, and Kirk

Kirk: 5th in race, 4th in the State (50+)

Ray: 3rd in the State (60+)
Go Team :)
...go rest up for 2016...!!!

Cross Crusade

 Story, Photos, (and Racing!) by Kirk Morrison:

This past weekend I was able to travel to Portland, Oregon to race in the final weekend of the Cross Crusade series (at the Portland International Raceway).

I’ve been following this series for years since it is well known for a very fun race scene, mud and lots of riders (averaging over 1,100 riders/race day) which makes this the largest cyclocross series in the world.

As expected the race groups were the largest I’ve ever experienced as I started with 175 competitors on Saturday and 168 on Sunday. The meant that I was never alone on the course and was pretty much always rubbing elbows with someone.

Also, since these were my first races of this series, I ended up with call-ups that placed me in the rear of the field at the start lines. Below are the vital stats:

Ag3r Racing "LIVES" along Pa. State Route 422...!!!

Cross Crusade Day 1


Conditions: Cool, cloudy and windy with a few wet/muddy spots on the course

Mens Masters 50+: Kirk – 41st

Note: The organizers advised that this was the same course that was used at the 2004 Cx Nationals

Cross Crusade Day 2


Conditions: Rain, hail, 40 degree temps with lots of mud as well as high wind and flood warnings.

Mens Masters 50+: Kirk – 39th

Note: Same course as 11/14 but with the direction reversed

Great weekend!!!  Here are some more pics.

Just found this fun video, and this donut, from the races!

There’s a brief sighting of me around the 4:19 mark.

The donut, however, was never seen again!