Dirty Dozen

Attempting to combat the effects of too much Turkey Dinner, Sam & Kirk Morrison returned to the 2010 edition of Danny Chew's Dirty Dozen hill climb "race".

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Thanks to Ben Stephens & Lorraine Nacey for the images, and Ryan Post for the video.
Kirk returned on his road bike...

...finding again that at the top of EVERY climb is a GRAVEYARD ...for dead cyclists!

...while Sam returned as STOKER of a "tan-dumb" with Montana Miller as Pilot.

Check the video below of Sam & Montana tackling Canton Avenue...a 38% grade "cobble" hill that is completely closed to traffic in the winter.

Apparently, 170 participants attended this year, despite the 30degree, snow flurry conditions.

HATS OFF to the two of you. This is one TOUGH effort to complete.


Bruceton Mills CX

Rich Allen, Kirk Morrison and Henry Dimmick traveled the superslab down to the Morgantown, West Virginia area for the Bruceton Mills Cyclocross race.

Meanwhile, Steve Marlette entered the wrong address into his GPS and traveled to the "wrong place" in West Virginia, never making the race!!! 

If you are from Pennsylvania, right now you may be asking yourself, "Is there a "right place" in W.Va.?"  Well, we're here to tell you that there certainly is  : )
THANKS to Ben Stephens, West Liberty Cycles, Rick PlowmanKirk Morrison for the Images in this Post.
In Kirk's Words:
This was a fairly fast course (approx 1 mile loop) with “mostly” dry conditions and only one mud section...
...one run-up and one set of barriers...

The weather was remarkably warm (60F+) for mid/late November with some sun and (unfortunately) some gusting winds. The venue at the Parks Farm was excellent with the ability to view almost the entire course from our camp.

For the Cat4 race my average lap times were 5’41”. Unfortunately, this effort sapped a bit of my energy which led to a 5’52” average lap time in the subsequent Masters 40+ race. I was hoping to overcome the fatigue with the help of 4 refreshing “hop enhanced electrolyte replacement beverage” hand-ups during the second race. While these ‘hand-ups” definitely helped and had other significant benefits, my pace still dropped off in race # 2.

The highlights of the day included the remarkable bike handling skills of the post-toddler competitors during the kids race, as well as the post ride swim race across the race pond by Stephanie Swan and (some guy!)

The barn tunnel was also an unexpected treat...

...with Gremlins raining down donuts and whipped cream on the passing riders!
Cat 4 Race Results:
Rich took 18th Place

Kirk took 20th Place
Cat 2/3/4, 40+ Race Results
Rich finished in 11th Place, winning the days Ag3r Team competition!

Henry finished in 12th Place

Kirk finished in 14th Place

Anyplace there is a CycloCross race, is the RIGHT PLACE  ...in ANY state!


Sundress Kid CX

Oh my....!!!

Steve Brewer competed in the Butch Cassidy and the Sundress Kid Cyclocross Classic to raise money for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

As far as we can see (or as the case may be, glad we can't see!) ...getting over the barriers should be easier with less clothing (down there) to get in the way!

You da-Man, Steve    : )


Monster CX

Kirk Morrison, Ray Sielski & Rich Allen did the MONSTER MASH...
...by racing the Monster Cross in Morgantown, W.Virginia.

THANKS to Ben Stephens, Kirk Morrison, & Google for the IMAGES here!
In Kirk's Words:
Our Ag3r group included Ray, Rich and me. All 3 of us raced in both the Cat4 and Masters 40+ races.

The conditions were dry and warm (almost 60 degrees F) with a very challenging run-up as well as a twisting route through the sand volleyball court.

As expected, JR Petsko put on a great race which was well worth the 2 hour drive.

Race #1 - Men's Cat 4
Rich finished in 15th Place
Kirk finished in 19th Place (7'56" ave lap time)
Ray finished in 30th Place 
Race #2 - Masters 40plus
This was the first event where I was offered a “hop enhanced electrolyte replacement beverage” during the race. I gladly accepted 3 of these beverage “hand-ups” but passed on the white powder donuts and the whipped cream (maybe next time).

Based on the fact that my average lap times in this event (6 laps raced) were identical (7’56”) to the earlier Cat4 race (with 5 laps raced) I’m forced conclude that these “hand-ups” are definitely “enhanced”.
Rich finished in 12th Place
Kirk finished in 13th Place
Ray finished in 19th Place 

It was a great time. I’m looking forward to next weeks ABRA Cross series finale at Bruceton Mills. Based on the forecast we could have much wetter conditions.


Murrysville CX

Ag3r was again Co-Promoter of the Murrysville CycloCross race.  As a result, we were all mobilized for the entire weekend to make sure all went smoothly...which it did!

Photo THANKS to:
Ben Stephens, West Liberty Cycles, Rick Plowman, Steve Brewer, and Sonic Imaging. 

While the 2008 AND 2009 races were cold and raining, the 2010 version was NICE...even if a bit overcast.

The first race of the day was the
Men's 4
Rich Allen finished (as "Michael Maher" in the results) in 16th Place!

Kirk Morrison finished in 21st Place

Mike Maher had a mechanical (or just got thirsty!) and went DNF.

The day's second race was the
Masters 2/3/4, 35+, 45+, 55+ 
Steve Marlette finished 10th Overall, and 4th Place in the 45+ Race

Mike Maher finished 15th Overall, and 9th Place in the 35+ Race

Rich Allen finished in 17th Overall, and 8th Place in the 45+ Race

Kirk Morrison finished in 18th Overall, and 9th Place in the 45+

Ray Sielski finished in 21st Overall, and 4th Place in the 55+

Mark Briercheck somehow went invisible in the results....but photo proof is evidence enough of his racing AND cheering at the race!

The next race was the
Men's 3/4
Brian Hopkins finished in 12th Place

Steve Brewer finished...lots of beers!  Taking a hand-up earlier in the loop...handing it off here to Ray...

....then picking it up again next lap! 

Then the
Women's Open
Hannah Brewer finished in 9th Place

In the Race-to-Nowhere, Henry Dimmick was registered for the Men 3/4, and the Men's Masters races, but instead spend the entire day performing traffic control where the course crossed the entry to the parking lot.

HERE, Rich and Henry watch the finish of Men's 1/2/3 race.

HERE, Ray takes up some flag duty!

Another successful M-Ville CX      :)


Colorado Cross Classic

Sam Morrison spent "a day at the beach" at the Colorado Cross Classic!
From the race website:
The Colorado Cross Classic is a UCI Sanctioned – Category 2 race and is proud to be part of the North American Cyclocross Trophy National Series (NACT). The CCC is also part of the American Cycling Association’s Colorado Cross Cup amateur series, which recognizes the best cyclocross racers in the state.

Feeling full of confidence, and handcuffed by his racing success & Category Upgrades(!), Sam raced with the UCI Pros

...beating Ryan Trebon (Kona)...

...who DNFed.      Ssshhhhhh   : )

While there Zach, Danae, Sam & Deidre...

....found a great place along the "ride-up" to watch the other races.

Look to the right of the CROSS WALK sign for Diedre's pink shirt and Sam's blue glasses!

Thanks to M.Kane & TrailWatch.net for the Photos


Marilla CX

Kirk Morrison, Mike Maher, Ray Sielski and Steve Brewer all headed into West-Virginny for some Marilla CX action... always a curious event held on Halloween!

In the Men's Category 3/4 Race:
Steve finished in 15th Place

In the Men's Masters 40+ Race:
Kirk finished in 13th Place

Ray finished in 16th Place

...and Mike was (incorrectly) reported as DNF ...probably still drinking beers at the top of the run-up!

...and in the Men's Category 4 Race:
Kirk finished in 34th Place
Ray finished in 39th Place

For the scoop on the day, read Ray's Facebook Status and Mike and Kirk short-stories!

In Mike's Words:
Marilla is the second best cross course (Double Cross Duh) I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing and the level of enthusiasm from the crowd is absolutely fantastic! When Steve and I pulled into the parking lot we could see a group of people dragging a sofa into the woods. Hell we ain’t far from WVU….I guess they’re gonna torch it. But as it turns out the local crazies just need an appropriate place to properly spectate. And man was it a fun spot, right at the top of the nasty run-up.

As the day wore on and the spectators grew and became more “exuberant” the party was full on. Beer hand-ups, complimentary doughnuts at the top of the run and eventually whip cream whippets. Totally nuts. This is the first race I’ve watched where the winners were chastised by the crowd for not taking beer hand-ups. Don’t take beer…suffer the consequences which included ridicule and being pelted by doughnuts!

To make the race even better…some of the racers took the date before Halloween to milk one more day out of the their costumes. My swanky yellow/green leisure suit was a HUGE hit and I was baptized with numerous beer handups. One drunken spectator who was cheering me on actually said, “Dude…you’re kind of a big deal. Have a beer.”

Anyhow AG3R was well represented by me, Kirk and Ray who knocked off two races and Steve managed to finish one. Nice work Steve!

In Kirk's Words:
I had a great time this past Saturday at the Marilla Cx race. Results aren’t posted yet but I wanted to send over the attached Photo’s (including one of me with the Smurf trio) as well as my comments (below) since I am heading out of town tomorrow.

This APRA series race was attended by myself, Ray Sielski, Steve Brewer and (the hands-down winner of the ‘Ag3r costume contest) Mike Maher. I knew it was going to be a good day when they were giving away cow-bells and Vuvuzela’s at the registration table. Ray, Mike and I raced in both the Masters 40+ as well as the Cat 4 races. Steve raced in the Cat 3 / 4 race.

The course was fairly dry with only a bit of mud on the “hill of death”. Both the Masters 40+ and Cat 4 races were filled with riders. This was a well-run event with a great course … a good mix of turns, off camber sections as well as a few straight-aways where we could hammer. My Masters 40+ run was a bit sketchy with crash (I have the hip raspberries to prove it) and some dropped chain problems. Thankfully, things smoothed in the subsequent Cat 4 race where my average lap times improved from 8’40”/lap (in the Masters race) to 8’27”/lap. The speed increase was primarily due to improved technique (after learning where I could build and carry speed) since I certainly wasn’t working harder in the second race.

A super event … highly recommended !