Wow this place is dead

I guess everyone has stopped posting here but I'll give it a try and see if we can get some things started again. I've been pretty busy in the last couple of months with moving and a new job. I've been training lots and probably harder than ever before but not racing much. I showed up for the Summer Heat ITT in Brookville, PA and after getting off to a great start I got off course and didn't finish. That was terrible because the winning time was over an hour and I did better than that last year. I would have smoked that time this time around. Oh well:-( The next day Rich, Mark, and I headed out to do a century. It was a good time and the weather cooperated fully. I was a little sore early in the morning from the hard effort the previous day but started feeling really good at around 40 miles. The longer we rode the better I felt. That is until mile 86 when my seat tilted on the seat post and I was forced to ride the rest of the day with my seat at a 45 degree angle. I was just back in PA this weekend and went for a ride with Rich on Sunday afternoon. After talking with him I'm looking forward to starting getting some more time on the mountain bike. There are some a ton of trails around here that I have to check out. Can't wait to get started!