Two Mile Run Ride

So which is it?  ...a RUN or a RIDE?

As it turns out, it was BOTH!

"Two Mile Run" is a creek....

...and "Two Mile Run" is a race, located just north of Franklin, Pa, part of the Ride the Wilds (RTW) Summer Series.

Got it? 


Anyway, on this perfect day, we had SIX riders entered:

24 mile Expert Division:
Hannah Brewer, Kirk Morrison and Henry Dimmick

16 Mile RTW Series Course:
Mike Maher, Rich Allen and

"Selfie" by Sierra Maher
So the RUN part of the race was a LeMans style start, where Mike dreamed that ALL the bikes placed at the start were HIS.....(insert sinister laugh here!)

Image by Sierra Maher
At the sound of the HORN, we were OFF...although this picture reveals that Henry and Kirk were not in much of a hurry!  Hey boys, this IS a race, you know(?)!!!

Image by Sierra Maher

Meanwhile, at the FRONT, this picture shows BOBBY is at his bike long before anyone else, demonstrating yet again, that there is no better adrenaline booster that racing in NEW KIT :)

Image by Sierra Maher
With the riders disappearing into the woods for the first of their 8 mile laps...

Hannah's Strava Trace

....Sierra Maher set up camp in the LAP CHUTE area to do hand-ups of water and food for the team as they passed.

Meanwhile, the day's first casualty was Henry, with a part in his gears CRACKING even before HE did...!!!
The result was the same, however, as he could put NO POWER to the rear wheel.  The result?  Following the THEME of the day, a TWO MILE RIDE into the woods, followed by a TWO MILE WALK back out!   = DNF

First through the LAP CHUTE was Bobby ...riding so fast that Sierra could not get a picture of him from the front!
Image by Sierra Maher
Next (through the chute?) was Hannah ...although, she was "caught" here taking the LONG WAY down the paved path, rather than through the grass and Lap Chute.  (check her Stravas trace above!)

Looks like she may prefer the PAVEMENT after all...(???)

Image by Sierra Maher

Next up, was Mike....placing massive expectations upon poor Sierra to deliver him this PERFECT TECHNIQUE hand-up!

She WILL be invited back :)

Then came Richy, who using his outside manners, made quite a mess of his water hand-up!

As Kirk came through, he was jealous to learn that Henry was the first to come up with a "mechanical" excuse ...to avoid riding the 24 woodsy miles!

Image by Sierra Maher

Back on course now, Bobby found himself in a two way battle for the win.....

...while Mike defied gravity with his turning style...

...Hannah played SHADOW games with the cameraman...

...with Richy finally "seeing the light"....

...and the better course markings (this year).... to NOT get lost (like he usually did on this course!)

On the other hand, as Hannah headed (into?) the LAP CHUTE after her second lap, she AGAIN took the pavement back into the woods.


Image by Sierra Maher

As the Sport race drew to a close, Bobby stayed tough into a two-up sprint to the line... getting outgeared by just a few feet to take a WELL DESERVED 2nd Place!

Look how BLOWN he looks! 

Image by Sierra Maher
Next into the FINISH CHUTE was Mike....to take 10th Place...  

Image by Sierra Maher

....clearly (distorted) from his massive efforts!

After Richy finished in 14th Place......

....Hannah came through at 2:59:07, beating the 3 hour mark for 1st Place Expert Woman (12th Place Expert Overall).

At this point, we all just sat around making fun of Mike...

...and Hannah's (dirty) new socks!

...until BOOM, Kirk came blasting onto the scene....crossing the final bridge heading into the finish.

Unfortunately, the race promoters made a VERY TIGHT time cutoff for all Expert finishers...and Kirk missed the Closing Horn by...

...placing him in 16th Place for his efforts.

This is Kirk saying "What the Heck"....

...while Mike acts the dutiful teammate, replying "I know, right?!!!

Guess Kirk's wheels were not synchronized THIS TIME :)

Another DIRTY Ag3r adventure now in the books! 

Last up in the Series, the Peanut Butter Festival Finale!


White Park Throwdown

Story by Hannah Brewer

The White Park Throwdown continues to be my favorite race of all time. Probably because it is literally the only mountain bike race in PA or WV that doesn't feel like 80% climbing. And the course is just so flippin' fun I forget that I am racing.
This year the course was 99.9% dry, making it even faster and more fun than I thought possible. I had no business riding some of the sections as fast as I was going, but getting air on a MTB is addicting.

This course is also so twisty that you can see the riders who are in front of you and behind you on every turn, making the "racing" part even more exciting.

I spent most of my time trying to keep a lead on 3rd place finisher, Suz Falvey, who was pushing me from behind for the first two laps. I managed to keep my lead, and rode the final 2.5 laps without much company.

I landed a solid 2nd place finish in the Expert Women's Open Field. Those WV ladies are hard to compete with for podium spots!

Photo cred to the one and only Fred Jordan. (Awesome action shots, as always)


Tomlinson Run MTB

Story by Kirk Morrison
Race Name: ABRA Tomlinson Run Mtb Challenge
Race Location: Tomlinson Run State Park, WV
Race Category: Masters 45+
Finish Place: 8th Place

Web Address to Results:

Warm and humid with temps in the high 80's

Challenging course with some mud, wet root sections and fun creek crossings (2/lap). 
photo by Mike Briggs

Fast field since this was both the WV State Championships as well as the only qualifying race in our area for MTB Nationals (being held at Bear Creek Resort near Trexlertown, Pa.).

I was especially fast because I had the rotation of my wheels synchronized.  YOU should try it :))

Photo by Mike Briggs
The race was extremely well run...

...well ALMOST extremely well :)


Butler Road Race?

Butler RUNNING Road Race that is!

FoxVelo Cycling Club Grand Poobah, Roger Lutz, took off his cycling shoes and put on his running shoes to take the WIN in his category!

Looking handsome in his Team BHS (Butler Health System) kit
 While he has always been FAST, he says he is finally running SMART :)

Fixed Gear "Track Omnium"

Story by Oscar Swan:
A beautiful night for track racing brought out some old and new participants, and made everyone wonder why a whole lot more riders didn’t turn out. I think people don’t realize what a decent track venue the Washington Blvd. bicycle oval actually is, but no one complained about not getting a good workout.

Photo by Sonic Imaging

Henry Dimmick turned out to defend his 2003 flying start record of 13.07. He turned in a respectable 13.70, switching around the 0 and 7, which for all I know amounts to a twitch in my thumb on the stopwatch. In any case Mike Quigley turned in a 13.56, but still leaving (Henry's) more than 10-year-old record in place!

Click HERE for Bud Harris Track Records

The top five riders on points were rewarded with the chance to set a 5-man team sprint record; see below.

13.56 Mike Quigley
13.70 Henry Dimmick
14.00 Jacob Yundt
14.62 Michael Coumos
14.99 Bill Ehler
15.96 Michael Tregelles
16.47 Paul Carberry
16.49 Daniel Kunkle

Photo by Fred Gohh

1. 2.13 Henry Dimmick
2. 2.14 Michael Quigley
3. 2.19 Jacob Yundt
4. 2.20 Paul Carberry
5. 2.39 Michael Tregelles
6. 2.41 Daniel Kunkle
7. 2.54 Bill Ehler
8. 2.55 Michael Coumos

1. Quigley
2. Dimmick
3. Yundt
4. Carberry
5. Ehler
6. Tregelles
7. Kunkle
8. Coumos

1. Quigley-Coumos 5.48
2. Yundt-Ehler 5.58
3. Dimmick-Tregelles 6.37
4. Carberry-Kunkle 6.39

SPRINTS (Two Heats plus Consolation Round)
1. Yundt
2. Quigley
3. Dimmick
4. Ehler
5. Carberry
6. Tregelles
7. Kunkle
8. Coumos (flat)

Photo by Fred Gohh

1. Quigley
2. Yundt
3. Carberry
4. Dimmick
5. Ehler
6. Tregelles
7. Kunkle

Quigley, Yundt, Dimmick, Carberry, Ehler
5.44.55 (establishes Track Record)

Photo by Fred Gohh

1. Mike Quigley
2. Jacob Yundt
3. Henry Dimmick
4. Paul Carberry
5. Bill Ehler
6. Michael Tregelles
7. Daniel Kunkle
8. Michael Coumos (multiple mechanicals)
Photo by Sonic Imaging