Franklin CX

Most of the Ag3r Gang (and one hippie MUTANT) attended the ABRA Franklin CX CycloCross race ...finishing on the PODIUM twice :)

Men's 4/5
Logan Krause - 14th Place
Mike Maher - 15th Place

Single Speed
Mike Maher - 13th Place
Kirk Morrison - 15th Place

Women's 1/2/3
Hannah Brewer - 5th Place

Men's 40+
Mark Briercheck - 10th Place

Men's 50+
Steve Marlette - 3rd Place
Rich Allen - 11th Place
Kirk Morrison - 18th Place
USAC Results: HERE


OhioPyle Duper D

The crew broke out the KNOBBIE tires and headed SOUTH into OhioPyle State Park...

Photo of Mike Briggs, by Mike Briggs!

Photo by Sonic Imaging

...for the Month of Mud's 4th and Final "Downhill" installment of their 2013 MoM Series.

After first checking in with THE SHERIFF...
Photo by Mike Briggs
Photo by Mike Briggs
....we all hopped into the party bus for the trek to the TOP.
Photo by Mike Briggs

After FREEZING up top, in line at the START, we dropped in...

Single Speed
Kirk Morrison
7th Place
Series = 4th Place (4 of 4 races)

Photo by Mike Briggs
Kirk was all smiles winning Series SWAG, including the coveted BEER glass! 
Photo by Mike Briggs
Women's Expert
Hannah Brewer
6th Place - Off Course
Series = 4th Place (4 of 4 races)
Photo by Mike Briggs
"How was I supposed to make a turn when I was going too fast to see the arrow markings?"  "I am so depressed..."
Photo by Sonic Imaging

Men's 45+
Rich Allen
3rd Place
Series = 6th Place (2 of 4 races)
Photo by Mike Briggs

Henry Dimmick
11th Place - Flat Tire, Dented Rim
Series - 28th Place (1 of 4 races)

First the HAMMER session.... 
Photo by Mike Briggs
...then the THUD-BANG of a Blow-Out....
Photos by Sonic Imaging
 .....then the easy pedal home!
Photo by Mike Briggs