Praise God! Not so good day on the bike

Well, you know how people say, "I feel like I've been run over by a car", I only say that because it actually happened. I was out for a 63mile ride today and was 51miles into it when a gray Hyundai ran a stop sign and I smashed into the side of it. I flipped over the handlebars and landed on my shoulder. So there I was lying in the middle of the road clutching my arm and checking to make sure all of my parts are still around. I eventually crawled to the side of the road and started checking my collar bone to see if it was broken. It wasn't, but still hurt. After seeing the EMTs and the State policeman I eventually made it home. Now comes the long process of trying to get things replaced by the insurance company. The strange thing is that my most distinct memory of the accident is when my helmet hit the ground, the sound and feeling of the helmet crushing and absorbing the impact and saving my life. God is truly wonderful.


Columbus Day

Monday wasn't a very happy Columbus Day for me. I had the great idea that I should do my best impression of Columbus and explore new worlds, or at least some new roads/trails. I went out on my CX bike for what I thought would be a 3 hour ride on a rather cool day. The unexplored trail turned out to be much longer than I had originally thought and wasn't really even fit for a Mt. bike let alone a cross bike. While on the trail I flipped over the handle bars one time too many and ended up hurting my left shoulder and wrist. Another problem was that it turned out being much hotter than expected and my ride took 4 hours instead of 3 so I was extremely dehydrated by the time I got home. I also screwed up my cross bike in the process. Since I now have no bike and an aching wrist and shoulder I decided to skip Ironcross V, which was going to be my last major race of the season. Now I'm going to start focusing on some longer rides to get ready for the Sebring 24 hour race in February. Tomorrow I'm going to do a 70 mile ride on my TT bike. I've never ridden a TT bike that far before but I suppose if I'm going to ride one for 24 hours I better start sometime.:-)