Ag3r now "Powered by ProBikes"

One of the certainties of bike racing is that cyclists "need" to buy all kinds of bike stuff! So while aligning our team with one shop in particular may place (drive time) hurdles in front of our riders, there are many things we get in return. Things we look for, and what made ProBikes our shop of choice, are: The People... ProBikes employees are a collection of young racing enthusiasts who embrace cycling as a way of life, not just a job. The Service... ProBikes has already demonstrated that they are willing to provide special attention to Ag3r in return for our dedication to buying our bikes and equipment through their shop. The Selection... Ag3r has been racing Cannondale bicycles since 1997... following the brand for a 12th year to ProBikes. In addition to being the leading Cannondale dealer in the Pittsburgh Area, ProBikes also offers Specialized, Seven, Giant, Bianchi and Independent Fabricators as well as clothing and accessories from Cannondale, Specialized, Patagonia, Smart Wool, Arc Terx, Endura and North Face. Watch for a picture and HotLink to ProBikes to show up on the right sidebar sometime soon! In the mean time, you can check out their site at http://www.probikesllc.com/, or better yet, visit one of their stores in Squirrel Hill, Monroeville or across the street from South Hills Village.

New Jersey Rt29 Time Trial

3 years in the making, Brian Hopkins opened up a can of Pennsylvania Whoop-A** on a bunch of New Jersey boys, bringing home the Overall Win in a 36k Individual Time Trial. Read Brian's Story at http://www.briansbikeblog.blogspot.com/


Mingo Park Road Race

The start of the Western Pa. cycling season has been marked for many years by the Mingo Road Race Series (Houston, Pa) ...a history built as much on the weather as the race itself. This year's weather did NOT dissapoint! Cat 4/5 Race Sam Morrison - 3rd Place By Sam Morrison: I hate cold. The whole ride down I was cringing watching the rain. Once the race started, Jake (Pro Bikes) and I attacked on the first hill. Unfortunately, no one drew and we weren't prepared to spend the whole race by ourselves so we drifted back. Iron City was there with 3 or 4 riders and tried to control the race. I went with every group but none worked, until a group of 4 slipped away on the descent into the finish. I realized they weren't coming back when we passed through the finish line. At the base of the hill we passed Shaffes and Briercheck and they gave a hearty yell, so I had to attack and bridge up just to justify the cheering. I snagged the breakaway halfway up the hill and managed to not totally blow the 7 man sprint (two guys bridged up the next lap). See more at http://www.samlikesbikes.blogspot.com/ Cat 1/2/3 Race Crossing together... Mark Briercheck - 20th Dave Shaffer - 21st By Mark Briercheck: Sunday morning was a BEAUTIFUL COLD RAIN during registration and a heavy swirling wind out on the course. The entire backstretch up to the climb had a straight on head wind that would make one want to cry. A true Spring race climate! Shaffes slipped off the back on the 2nd time up the hill but managed to climb back on for the descent. At the start of the 3rd climb he was done. I got dropped at the top of the 3rd hill and didn’t have the power to jump back on for the descent. Gah. So Shaffe’s and I were back together by the 5th lap and then we just finished the race out together. Overall we didn’t feel too bad because we saw a lot of other typical ‘Strong Men’ pedaling their bikes home with their tails between their legs.


Blue Peeps?

Dave Shaffer, Mark Briercheck, Mark Hess and Rob Gaus enjoyed the chilly but sunny weekend weather with a ride around Elwood City. During their loop, a long time Easter favorite was re-discovered... Marshmellow Peeps! Rob Gaus and Dave said, "The heck with Powerbars"...

While Mark Hess simply liked the way the peeps matched his jacket...

But Mark Briercheck (and his horse!) turned their noses up at the whole thing mumbling something about, "... their inorganic non-yuppie flavor..."!!!
We will see if Peep-Food catches on in the Peleton! Personally, I like them best after they get ROCK HARD stale!


Lake Ontelaunee TT

For the second year in a row, Brian Hopkins was Ag3r's first racer of the calendar year. "My first race of the year was this weekend it went well but could still be better. Now I get to reevaluate my training and make some changes." Always the perfectionist, Brian: Won his category, while (temporarily) setting a new course record, then losing it to ultimately end up in 2nd Place Overall. Check it out Here!