Nicest looking bike ever!

Straight from the pages of the new 2009 Cannondale catalog to my blog. Click here to see it.


Giant preview: 2009 TCX

Well, mine will be red instead of blue but the new Hydroformed frame and 1 1/4-1 1/8 headtube looks impressive.


What is IRONCROSS, you ask?

This is a mostly CycloCross, sometimes more like Mountain Bike race, approximately 62 miles long, featuring nearly 6,300 feet of elevation gain, containing enough "steep & technical sections" to require checkpoint/aid stations in each of 4 Sektors throughout the course. Race Count Down: 46 days, 18 hours, 59 minutes, 11 seconds to (Oct 12, 2008, 9:00am). http://www.yellowbreechesracing.org/ironcross/ Good luck to Brian, and all who dare follow :)


Gearing up for Ironcross

I ordered my new Cross bike today. I'll post pics once it arrives.


Friday TT Results

Steve Marlette, Rich Allen, Dave Hickey, T.Lyle Ferderber and Ray Sielski raced the UPMC 20 mile Individual Time Trial on Friday, August 15. While only Steve and T.Lyle had raced this distance at this venue before, the others were all racing to set benchmark times for themselves. No matter how you look at it, Ag3r's dominant "headcount presence" at the event was only outdown by our finish results! 2nd - Stephen Marlette 4th - Rich Allen 5th - Dave Hickey 6th - T. Lyle Ferderber 8th - Ray Sielski


New Blood

Ag3r-IndianaCycling.com welcomes Stephen Marlette to the Team.
Steve is a rider who favors the Individual Time Trial and has often finished in front of Ag3r racers. So we figured, if we can beat him, "draft" him :)
More importantly, knowing Steve as we do, we are confident he can be counted on to maintain and further the image of professionalism we deliver our sponsors both on and off the bike. ("No Punks"!!!)
Welcome Steve, and Thanks to Shelly O'Keefe for the photo.


Rant of the day

All Group Rides Are Not Created Equal!

Blogger Trophy

AFIB-Rider is the winner of the FoxVelo/Ag3r-IndianaCycling.com Blog-Flogger Award for his high level activity writing about all things big and small, including his generous use of images, videos and text-based hot links. There is something there for everyone...even Terminator Fans like me! Follow the exploits of Rich Seevers (and other riders) via their personal links on the right side-bar of this site, under BLOG PEEPS.

Carlisle 40k ITT

New personal best for me! 0:54:37 Read more on my blog!


July Results Summary

PMVC 10 mile ITT

August 01, 2008 Dave Hickey, Randy McCracken, Rich Allen and Ray Sielski raced at the Washinton Blvd. Track in the Pittsburgh Masters Velo Club 10 mile Individual Time Trial. Dave finish 9th. Randy finished 10th. Rich finished 12th... and Ray finished 14th. All four posted Personal Records at this distance :)

6 Hours of Power

Sam Morrison raced in a different Endurance Mountain Bike Race in New York. He finished 1st in the U18 category...7th Overall. To read his story, link over to http://www.samlikesbikes.blogspot.com/

Wilderness 101 - Part Deux

Mike Maher and Brian Hopkins raced this CRAZY mountain bike race. Mike finished in a battered and bruised 9 hours and 51 minutes...for 92nd of 243 starting riders. Brian finished in contorted 12 hours and 28 minutes... cramping up the entire way! You can link below to Brian's Blog and his perspective on the experience. The following is a choice snip-it from Mike's race. Want the whole story? Leave your email address in the comments section to this post, and I will forward it to you! ---------------------- Fade to Light Wilderness 101 Gone Horribly Almost Right ...The trail takes a hard left and we are presented with an 18-20” rock ledge that you must bunny hop up and ride over or dismount and run. My prey comes up short and I try a stupid move and accelerate hard to wiggle around him on the right side of the rock ledge, oblivious to the obvious lack of a line. The blackness comes quickly and without warning. I’m being crushed! Suddenly I’m suspended between two knife’s edge shaped rocks about 18” high supporting my rib cage on the right side and the outside of my right quad. In short, choppy, gasping, hyperventilated, slurps, I’m squeezing air back into my lungs. As I’m gaining perspective, I tell the four riders to go on. Someone else will be thru in a couple minutes if I need help. As I try to stand, I realize the clamping pressure on my ribs is not my only problem. My thigh has taken a major hit as well. I can’t support my weight on my right leg...