Carlisle TT

Henry Dimmick, Steve Marlette, Brian Hopkins, Steve Brewer, and photographer Mike Maher...

...slogged through biblically HEAVY rain, in the car AND racing their bikes...

...to compete in this past weekend's Carlisle Time Trial.

But it was well worth it.     ...based on our results, and based on the dinner and Guinness' we consumed the night before at The Gingerbread Man..... BOTH sides!

20 Kilometer Race:
Mike finished in 1st Place Overall
(Setting a new PR)

40 Kilometer Race
Brian finished 2nd Place Overall
(2 seconds over his PR)

Steve Marlette finished in 6th Place Overall
(Setting a new PR)

...with Steve Brewer pulling "Lead Horse" to power both he and Henry Dimmick to a 1st Place Overall finish in the hotly contested Team Time Trial (non-carriage) Division  : )


Fawn Grove Roubaix

Hanna & Steve Brewer and Mike Maher headed into the gravel this past weekend at the Fawn Grove Roubaix.

While this course was billed as a Road Race with a sector of gravel, they neglected to call attention to the fact that the sector had JUST been regraveled making it a bit more like a gravel quarry...and SUPER SKETCHY!

Mike finished in 17th Place, field changing at least ONE flat
Hanna finished in 27th Place as the 2nd Placed Woman, and
Destructo Steve hammered his bike into submission and Did Not Finish (DNF)

Watch for a "Rider Blogz" post from either Brewer's Biking, or Pale & Scrawny for more details on the day!

Chippewa Creek Road Race

Dan Schar drove up (and over) to the Chippewa Creek Road Race in Brecksville, Ohio this past weekend.

Unfortunately, he realized all too late that he had forgotten his LEGS!!!

You can read "Short Dan's" story HERE!


Front Range 50

Sam Morrison competed in the Front Range 50 mile Endurance Mtn Bike race this past weekend in Colorado.

Sam finished in 5th Place of the Men's 19-29 Division.

He said that despite the majority of the course being all single track, he was able to AVERAGE 15 mph over the entire race!  Obviously, Sam is not in Pennsylvania anymore!

...and THIS was after (2 weeks) of being a "Good Boy", studying for and taking semester finals, instead of riding/training!

You are a Good Boy, Sam  : )


South Mtn Hill Climb

After the Carlisle Individual Time Trial, Brian Hopkins and Mike Maher got up in the world at the South Mountain Hill Climb!

Brian finished 4th Overall (1st Cat 3)

Mike finished 9th Overall (2nd Cat 4)

Up, Up and Away!


Carlisle TT

Brian Hopkins, Steve Brewer and Mike Maher all competed in this weekend's Carlisle Individual Time Trial

Mike competed in the 20k race...taking 2nd Place!

In the 40K race,
Steve finished in 3rd Place (Cat 4), and 15th Place Overall, and...

Brian finished in 1st Place (Cat 3)and 3rd Place Overall

Flyin' Brian wrote more HERE  : )

Pittsburgh 1/2 Marathon

Hanna Brewer was Ag3r's "sole" biped in this year's Marathon!

93rd, 25-29 Women (out of 1,135 Total in Age Group)
312th Women (out of 4,625 Total)
944th Overall (out of 7,555 Total Men & Women)

Hanna writes:

The rain hit before I even got to mile 2, but at least I didn't have to stand in the rain before the race began --and (at least) it wasn't quite as heavy as it was last weekend in Erie.

My time was 1:51.57 --not my PR, but not too bad for heavy, soggy sneakers :)