Pa. State TT Championship

Brian Hopkins did it AGAIN!

He WON the USA Cycling Pennsylvania State Category 3 Individual Time Trial Championship!

Read all about it HERE  :)

Middlesex Mad Dash

While yinz guys were toting the real lumber at the 2 x 12, I RODE over to my township building and RAN their annual 5K.

Since most of the folks at the rest home had slept in, I brought home a little hardware, and got a door prize to boot.

- T. Lyle Ferderber

2 x 12 Duo MTB

In the quest to keep things interesting, promoters are always coming up with new race formats.  THIS particular race was held at The Big Bear Lake Campgrounds outside of Bruceton Mills, West Virginia....and shaped up like THIS:

12 mile Mountain Bike Loops
2 person Teams
One rider at a time
Baton handoff between riders
Rinse and Repeat for 7 hours!
4 Laps for Sport; 6 Laps for Expert
Each rider has to ride 1/2 the laps

The whole "thing" started from Sam daring us to enter this race if he and Deidre came home from Colorado.  Since we don't take kindly to this young punk trying to push us old guys around, we accepted his challenge ...and the ball was set in motion!

Entering the Coed Expert Duo Division:
Deidre York and Sam Morrison

Entering the Men's Master's Sport Duo Division:
Kirk Morrison and Mike Maher
Rich Allen and Henry Dimmick

Coming along for the ride, so to speak, was Steve Brewer - SUPERFAN  :)

When we arrived, Dirty Mike had already set up (his) camp...about 71 miles from the Finish Line(!)...so we plopped our stuff down and added on!

Photo by Sonic Imaging

Photo by Sonic Imaging

The START began OFF course, and made the first riders (Sam, Mike and Richy) pedal up the Campgrounds Entrance HILL before going through the START/FINISH Tent and out into the single track.

Photo by Deidre York

Photo by Sonic Imaging

Photo by Deidre York

Once in the single track, shade helped ease the pain of the race-pace and the challenge of the roots and rock gardens of the course!

photo by Sonic Imaging

Photo by Sonic Imaging

Photo by SpokenChain.com

Photo by SpokenChain.com

Photo by SpokenChain.com

From then on, it was all "Tag Team Riding" for the next ~7 hours!!!

At the finish, was this really unique "catwalk"...

Photo by Sonic Imaging

...into a spiral back underneath the overpass...

Photo by Sonic Imaging

...back into the START/FINISH tent.

Photo by Sonic Imaging

Photo by Sonic Imaging

Photo by Deidre York

Photo by Sonic Imaging

The Results ...at the end, were:

Deidre and Sam finished in 5th Place (Coed Expert)
(14th Place Overall from 31 Total 6-Lap Division Teams)

Photo by Sonic Imaging

Rich and Henry finished in 4th Place (Master's Sport)
(18th Overall from 50 Total 4-Lap Division Teams)

...with Kirk and Mike finishing in 5th Place (Master's Sport)
(24th Overall from 50 Total 4-Lap Division Teams)

Photo by Guest Shooter - Colleen O’Neil  :)

In true backwoods flavor, there was a pair of ChainSaw Artists making and selling their wares!  The turtle went home with Henry!


PMVC Track Record(s)

There was a time (2008) when Ag3r held FIVE Track Records at the Washinton Blvd "Bud Harris Track" in Pittsburgh Pa.  Since then, other teams have come back with lots of strong guys to trim our record count to only ONE (2009).

However, Ag3r-ButlerHealthSystem soon began it's comeback (2010), which was then heavily boosted this past Friday by Steve Brewer ...to bring our count back up to FOUR (2011 June).

Fresh off his explosive winning of the field sprint at the ACA Criterium, Steve unleashed TWO RECORD SETTING RUNS of the track, setting first the 1 Lap (0.5 mile) Standing Start record...

...then later, the 1 Lap (0.5 mile) Flying Start Record...both made possible by a TRIPLE FOCUS on his speed, his speed, and his SPEED!

As posted by Stephanie Swan to the ACA MailGroup:

Results of Friday Night Track Night, June 10, 2011.

...In between the night’s Track Bike events Steve Brewer powered his way to new records in both the standing-start and flying start 1 lap. His standing-start time would have been even faster had he managed to get out of his little chain ring. His time was averaged among three stopwatches. Take a look at his mph:

Old Records:
1/2 mi standing start;   56.99;   31.6mph;   Joe Papp;           7/24/99
1/2 mi flying start ;       57.83;   31.2mph;   George Yoder     7/2/04

New Records:
1/2 mi standing start;  55.59;  32.38mph;  Steven Brewer;  6/10/11
1/2 mi flying start;       54.52;  33.01mph; Steven Brewer;  6/10/11

Ag3r's other still standing Track Records are:

Brian Hopkins -
15 miles;   31:20.0;   28.72mph;   7/2/10

Henry Dimmick -
200 meter flying start;  13.07 sec;  34.1mph;  8/29/03

You can see ALL the Track Records HERE.


ACA Criteriums

Sam Morrison & Steve Brewer headed into Pittsburgh to race the Allegheny Cycling Association's Wednesday Night Criterium at the Bud Harris Track.

Thing is, the two of them got there in DRASTICALLY different ways!

With Sam in training for a 100 mile Mtn Bike Race, a race now only 2 weeks out, he somehow convinced his dad, Kirk Morrison, to RIDE to the track, on their bikes ...from Butler!  THEN, Sam planned to jump into the A-Race to accumulate more "chamois time"!

Meanwhile, Steve Brewer and Henry Dimmick headed to the track (in their trucks!) to prepare for Steve's Friday Assault on the 1-lap Track Record.  As the oval started to fill with racers warming up for the evening's events, Henry headed back to Butler and other obligations.


As Kirk watched on as Ag3r SuperFan...

Sam animated the A-Race with multiple attacks and covers, ending up a respectable 16th Overall.

Steve saved his energy for the the final laps of the race, and while 2 brekaway riders ultimately escaped, Steve found himself in (14th) coming our the final turn.

Just then, one sprinting group went left while another group went right....and Steve found himself looking straight up the line as the EXACT same moment he lit his afterburners.  It is said, that at that very moment, there were two claps of THUNDER as Steve passed everyone in front of him to WIN the field sprint for 3rd Place Overall.


Aliquippa Criterium

Kirk Morrison and Mark Briercheck both attended the Beaver Valley Velo's only 2011 running of the Aliquippa Criterium.

Kirk tells the Master's Story:

Photo by Fred Jordan

Today's Aliquippa Crit was #4 in the ABRA series. I raced in the Masters 40+/50+ field which included a total of 23 riders while Mark Briercheck raced in the 1/2/3 race.

The conditions were good with temperatures in the high 70’s and a light north wind. The pace was fast with attacks starting on the first lap. None were successful as the peloton chased down every one. All of this action ended up giving an average speed of 25.2 miles/hour for this race. I was happy that I was able to stay connected to the main group through these chases as I ended up finishing in the main group in 7th place for the 50+ group. 

Photo by Mike Briggs

(Note: The results incorrectly show me in the 8th spot …. In reality I finished in 7th place since Fred Baldassare was lapped, rejoined the field and finished just ahead of me (one lap down)).

After the race I stopped by the registration to fill my water bottles. While no water was available, I was happy to fill my bottle from the keg of hop-enhanced electrolyte replacement drink (Belgian Saison, home brew – 8.5%). Very refreshing !!

Photo by Kirk Morrison

This was an extremely well run, smooth event. Jeff Grimm and his crew did a great job of organization while Gary Bywaters and Jean Cronyn handled the officiating duties with the great efficiency. Highly recommended.

Mark tells the Cat 1/2/3 Story:
Photo by Mike Briggs

The Aliquippa Criterium as seen through the eyes of Mark Briercheck:

The Cat 1/2/3 race finally rolled out at 12:30pm. With a decent breeze and a hot and sunny day I knew this would be a race that was affected by conditions. I did a LOT of pre-race hydration and had a gut feeling that this 1 hour crit would be easily be a two bottle race.

After sizing up the field and seeing some pretty big teams I chose to not chase any breaks. I figured that I would let the GPOA, CAT, Steel City, and Fu guys do all the work. When you're a lonely only you gotta watch out for yourself.
Photo by Fred Jordan

The first few laps of the 1/2/3 stayed together but it didn't take long for the attacks to really open up. With a nice tail wind on the backstretch we consistently would ride 31 - 33mph.

ss than ten laps in a 5 or 6 man man break went away and I thought the race was done.....

...but Mother Nature trumps all.

From the headwinds on the front stretch to the unseasonably warm heat...riders began to fade and only two guys were able to stay away. Most of the field re-assembled and held together for a bunch sprint. I tried to grab wheel but the heat took its toll on me too. I lost the lead group in the final 100 meters but was able to roll in with a 13th place out of 30.

After the race I was cross-eyed and nauseated...but luckily had a cooler full of ice water that offered a refreshing parking lot bath. All I can say is:


Philadelphia Amateur Time Trial

Flyin' Brian Hopkins raced in the Philadelphia Amateur Individual Time Trial... and spent less time on his bike than anyone else in his division!

Brian finished in 1st Place (Cat 3), with the 3rd fastest Overall time behind the first and second placed Pro/1/2 riders!

You can read more about it HERE on Brian's Blog "BIKENURSE"


PMVC 5 mile ITT

NOW the summer has really started  :)

The Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club's "Friday Night at the Track" is one of the best ways to start a weekend!

On Opening Night, Steve Marlette, Steve Brewer, Mark Briercheck, Henry Dimmick, Kirk Morrison and Ray Sielski were joined by SUPER-FAN Hannah Brewer for the first in a Summer Series of time trial events at the Bud Harris Washington Blvd Track.

STAY TUNED for pictures coming from Hannah via Steve's Camera!

Steve Marlette took 6th Place Overall
Setting a New Personal Record by 6 seconds!

Steve Brewer took 7th Place Overall
1 second back from Marlette!
Setting a Benchmark Time at this Distance

Mark took 14th Place Overall
Setting a Benchmark Time at this Distance

Henry took 17th Place Overall
4th Place 50+
...21 seconds off his PR

Kirk took 26th Place Overall
7th Place 50+
Setting a Benchmark Time at this Distance

Ray took 32nd Place Overall
8th Place 50+
Setting a New Personal Record by 9 seconds!

Afterwards, Steve Brewer attempted and UNOFFICIALLY SET a new Track Record for the Standing Start 1-Lap (o.5 mile).  THIS Friday, he will be returning to the track to set it OFFICIALLY!

Hello Boulder?

We hear you calling our names....!
...or is that just you calling, Sam?!?!!!


Yellow Creek MTB

With Ag3r Mtn Biker Rich Allen leading the way, roadies-turned-temporary-mudders Henry Dimmick and Hannah & Steve Brewer headed into the woods for the Yellow Creek Park North Shore mountain bike race.

Despite Steve getting off to a S L O W start on the day...due to some LATE night beer "tasting", Hannah was able to roll him out of bed and get him to the start line in less than 30 minutes!

There was a slight delay of the start while the promotors figured how to handle a few trees that had come down in the previous 48 hours.

After some warm up riding we headed for the start.

The course had LOTS of narrow trails with a fair amount of rocks...and lots of gushy mud in many of the corners... but as we neared the swimming area and finish, the trails turned to full width "roads".

In the end:
Hannah took 1st Place in the Women's Division, while in the Men's division
Steve took 12th Place
Rich took 16th Place, and
Henry took 20th Place... 

As always with mtn biking, stuff goes wrong!

After we got washed off IN the lake(!), all four of us went for pizza and beers at a small Sandwich Shop that had helped Sponsor the race.  While we THOUGHT we were well off the beaten path, Doug Frost drove right past the shop with his family on the way home from the Pa. State High School Track Meet...

Small World!!!


Tour of Tucker County

Kirk Morrison and Dan Schar headed for the hills...

...the hills of West Ver-ginny-ya, that is, to do sum climin' there!

ALSO see a related post from Dan Schar's "On the Schardar" under Biker Blogz.
Kirk Writes:
I enjoyed the chance to compete in this race for the 2nd year in a row. The weather was perfect with temperatures in the low 70’s and partly cloudy skies. Attendance was up with a total of 233 racers. As usual JR, Gina and their crew ran a smooth event with excellent organization.

This race is billed as being one of the 10 toughest one day races in the USA. This is due in part to the final climb which covers about 2,000 ft of vertical in the last 4-5 miles of the race. There is one other major climb (about 7 miles long) as well as lots of potholes and gravel sections (the total vertical climb is almost 4,500 ft over the 33 mile course).

Of course, at the top of every hill, every where, is either a cemetary or a windmill!

There were a number of crashes with some serious road rash and even stitches being administered at the finish area. As a new twist, there were also reports of horses on a section of the course.

Dan Schar and I were in the same starting group where he was competing in the Masters 40+ field while I was in the Masters 50+ field. This race starts with a 4 mile neutral roll as we descend to the bottom of the finishing hill climb for the official staging and starts. As with last year, I saw over 6 riders flatting due to hot-rim issues on this neutral descent (!?).

After seeing the numerous crashes during the race I decided to take it easy on the descents since I had taken a spill earlier this week and was still carrying 7 stitches in my lip and a bit of road rash.

Thanks to our sponsor
for the excellent medical care!

In spite of my face, I was able improve my finish time by 2-1/2 minutes over last year!

 In the 2011 Tour of Tucker County:

Kirk finished in 8th Place (50+)

Dan -  15th Place (40+)

Kirk is in 5th Place (50+), while
Dan is in 6th place (40+)

All photos courtesy of Fred Jordan

WPW 10 mile TT

Steve Marlette capitalized on his Home Court Advantage at the Washington Blvd Oval, by taking 1st Place in a 10 mile individual time trial conducted there.

In Steve's Words:
I was not planning on racing this past Saturday, but the Western Pennsylvanian Wheelmen were putting on a TT at the Bud Harris track. This was a nice low-key event, with no entry fee and no prizes, just the fun and pain that comes with a TT.

I had done hard interval training (on that same track) the Thursday before and was planning to put in another hard training effort on Saturday. Instead I signed in at the Wheelmen's 10 mile time trail.  I ended up with fasted time of the day, but there were a number of young riders who put in some fantastic times and will surely be guys to watch in the future.

The results are posed on the Wheelmen's site http://wpwbikeclub.org/?p=300


Superior Morgul Classic (Colorado)

(Not so young anymore) Sam Morrison finds himself now competing in storied races most of us only READ about!!!

This past weekend Sam competed in the Pro/1/2 Superior Morgul Classic - Summit Criterium on Saturday.

Photo by jenDZ Photography @ SmugMug

Then on Sunday, both Sam & his roommate Nate Wilson raced the Pro/1/2 Morgul-Bismark Road Race

Together, these two were all about the attacks.  While Nate got away early enough that the peleton gave them (presumably) enough rope to hang themselves, Sam made it into every attack by the chasing teams who were trying to reel-back Nate and his breakaway parner.  Of course, Sam remained in each chase only to cover, not to participate in catching Nate.

So while... none of those chase groups successfully made it across the gap (not good for Sam)... none of those chase groups successfully made it across the gap (really good for Nate!!!)

The result?   Nate won the Pro/1/2 Morgul-Bismark Road Race on Sunday!!!

Photo by DailyCamera.com

Click HERE to read about Nate's "long road" to this terrific WIN :)

Photo by DailyCamera.com