Mr. TT

Steve MarleTTe went LONG at the Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club 25 mile individual time trial...

...notching his 11th sub-one-hour time...

...with a 3rd Place Overall finish...

...and a Personal Record of 56:29

Whew, that boy is built for speed....or at least for being aerodynamic!

Shannock Valley MTB

Story by Hannah Brewer:

Shannock Valley had the potential of being the driest, fastest, MTB course of the summer.

Three miles in, I was feeling great. The trails were dry and I felt good on the hills, riding some of the steeper, short climbs that I hiked up last year. Then the rain hit......hard.

It took about one full lap before the trails were REALLY soupy, and simply pedaling through the single track became a struggle. What started as my fastest race of the year turned into the wettest and muddiest race of the year.

As the lightening struck, I counted the seconds before the thunder boomed. It wasn't long before I stopped counting because there was no time between the lightening and thunder. The storm was EXACTLY where I was riding....

This is when I realized that I somehow feel exempt from making responsible choices when I on my mountain bike, and this might be exactly why I love this sport :))

The thunder and lightening finally moved on, but the rain kept coming and I kept pedaling.

Usually when I am doing a longer mountain bike race, I am ready for the finish line 8 miles before I get to it. This time, I felt good on my bike up until mile 18.

Ultimately, I finished in 6th Place Overall in the expert field; 1st Place Woman.

Mini Tour "day" France?!!

Story by Steve Marlette:

The weekend racing started with the Pittsburgh Master's Velo Club 20 mile TT at the Bud Harris Oval in Pittsburgh on Friday July 19.

There were T-storms brewing at the start of the race and we got hit with rain and some strong gusts of wind during the race, but were able to complete the race. Since the conditions were horrible and I was planning to race on Sunday as well, I backed of the pace after about 10 miles.

I had thought that I had 1st place in the bag by that point but that turned out to not be true. However, I did TIE for 1st Place Overall!
The next stages were on Sunday July 21, 2013 at the Eastern Ohio Time Trial in Deerfield OH. I signed up for both the Overall (full aero bike and equipment) and the Standard Class (road bike no aero equipment allowed).

The conditions were nearly perfect for the time trials with calm winds. I was able to set a Personal Record on the aero TT bike and took 1st Place Overall and 1st Place in my Age Group.

After my TT bike performance, there was not much left in the tank for the "Merckx Standard", and I ended up finishing in 7th Place.

I was very happy with the overall results this weekend, especially setting a new PR in OH by 22 seconds!

Since our new kits are YELLOW and RASPBERRY, I also feel like I got a yellow jersey for my mini Tour de France...!!!


Mow? Mo? Moe?

Hannah BrewerRich Allen & Mike Maher, along with Larry and Curly, headed off to a Race to lil Moe's Place.

This was race #8 of the W.Va. Mountain Biking Association's Summer Series and the W.Va. State Championship.

Hannah finished as the 15th Expert, 3rd Place Expert Woman

Mike (book-ended below by Hannah and Richy!) finished as the 9th Sport2nd Place 45+ rider

Richy (flatted again?), finishing as the 5th Place 55+ rider; 31st Sport

It was a 3 Stooges kinda day!


sTiCk: rising to the top...again!

Turns out most every pack of "dawgs" has a "stick". 

Some look like THIS...

...but OURS looks like THIS....

...whoops.  I mean OURS look like THIS :)

...and beyond having a gifted ability to CLIMB up mountains on a bicycle...

...it turns out he can RUN like a gazelle! 

Just check out the hardware he has collected recently :)

.....and THAT ain't NO BULL...!!!

Ag3r in Italy

Here is a picture of stagiaire junior rider Leonardo Palma, rocking Ag3r kit...

...at his home in Montecchio Emilia, Italy.

The reach of Ag3r is far and wide....searching, and sometimes luckily finding, riders like Leonardo, who show great potential for the future, in both cycling and life.

Good Luck to you Leo!