Mingo Creek

The final Mingo Creek road race of the year was today. I woke up and heard rain and thunder and wanted to go back to sleep. I decided to go since I told Nick I would be there and it turned out to be a good idea because the day cleared up, the sun came out, and it was beautiful. I didn't know if I had fully recovered from my 105 mile outting on Thursday so I didn't know if I'd be able to stay with the lead group let alone do well. That was OK since Nick was ahead of me in the series points so I was just going to lead him out anyway. Everything was goin well and the race wasn't going at a crazy pace because any time someone would try something Spokes-N-Skis would chase them down because they wanted a sprint since they had the largest team at the race. With one lap to go I told Nick that I'd go to the front on the next lap and give him the best leadout I could with whatever I had left. Well, on the last lap I saw an opening, yelled at Nick and jumped. He was on my wheel and we were off. The next thing I know I hear Nick say "go, we have a gap". So I hammered as hard as I could to the finish and ended up with the win.(Nick was nice enough not to come around my wheel and beat me) He ended up getting third. Then we found out at the awards cerimony that along with our first and third places from today we ended up finishing second and third in the overall points. It was a good day for Indiana Cycling.


Here I am with Miss Pennsylvania, this is for you Rich. Now you have to believe me.