Ride your bike today!

First I want to say congratulations to Alex and the guys from UVM for raising money for a worthwhile cause while getting in some winter hours and getting to see a bunch of crazy folk. Now, my message for the rest of you. Go ride your bike today. Whether it is on a Mt. or cyclocross bike outside, on the trainer inside or on an exercise bike. Just ride and try to remember that even though it may be snowy outside right now, in a few months it will be sunny and warm and we'll be spending long hours outside on many a fun filled ride. Also, remember that all of the time you put in this winter will mean less pain and rust in the spring when you really want to get things going. If you can't go for a ride today then try to get out and go for a run or a walk and enjoy the cool, crisp weather that tries so hard to keep us inside.

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