Wilderness 101 - Part Deux

Mike Maher and Brian Hopkins raced this CRAZY mountain bike race. Mike finished in a battered and bruised 9 hours and 51 minutes...for 92nd of 243 starting riders. Brian finished in contorted 12 hours and 28 minutes... cramping up the entire way! You can link below to Brian's Blog and his perspective on the experience. The following is a choice snip-it from Mike's race. Want the whole story? Leave your email address in the comments section to this post, and I will forward it to you! ---------------------- Fade to Light Wilderness 101 Gone Horribly Almost Right ...The trail takes a hard left and we are presented with an 18-20” rock ledge that you must bunny hop up and ride over or dismount and run. My prey comes up short and I try a stupid move and accelerate hard to wiggle around him on the right side of the rock ledge, oblivious to the obvious lack of a line. The blackness comes quickly and without warning. I’m being crushed! Suddenly I’m suspended between two knife’s edge shaped rocks about 18” high supporting my rib cage on the right side and the outside of my right quad. In short, choppy, gasping, hyperventilated, slurps, I’m squeezing air back into my lungs. As I’m gaining perspective, I tell the four riders to go on. Someone else will be thru in a couple minutes if I need help. As I try to stand, I realize the clamping pressure on my ribs is not my only problem. My thigh has taken a major hit as well. I can’t support my weight on my right leg...

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