Oct 12 - Moraine State Park MTB

Sunday also found Ag3r racers on the west side of the state competing in Race #4/4 of the Western Pennsylvania Mountain Bike Racing Association's Month of Mud (MOM) Series at Moraine State Park in Prospect, Pa.

Sam Morrison, Doug Frost, Henry Dimmick and Ray Sielski all came out to hammer their bodies and bikes over the rock gardens of Moraine... and to be there for the party if Sam was able to defend his Points Lead in the MOM Series.

On this day, we had every class covered...well ALMOST every class. We left our skirts at home, ON the riders we left at home...!!! After ~90 minutes of dust had settled...and blood had dried(!)... Sam finished the race as the 4th Expert, I finished 9th Sport, Frosty finished 6th Veteran's 35+ and Ray finished 12th Master's 45+. So Sam was able to clinch the Expert Class Series Win as the second youngest rider to ever accomplish such a feat in the 2o years of this series. A totally AWESOME effort :) Watch Sam's Blog for more on his race. ------------------ In the Weird Injury department, I received the following from another rider. We were both crossing over a rock pile with a sharp drop on the far side... and just as I was dropping my front wheel off the ledge, to my left, I saw the other rider's head going straight for the ground as he went over the bars.

In that same instant, I felt something hit my left elbow... which turned out to be his rear wheel coming over top both of us... causing my injury, but not causing me to go down.

Talk about being "derailled" :)

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