CX Bead Blasting

While I was unable to reproduce Vaughn's Taco-Wheel pictured in an earlier post... I was able to POP-a-BEAD by locking up my brakes, cutting the "wheel" hard to the right, and launching myself over the bars... trying to avoid t-boning Sam Morrison during a CX jaunt he, Ray Sielski and I did this weekend. By the end of the day, all three of us were sent packing due to tire failures! Remember, the whole world is a playground on a CX bike... just remember to wear a helmet :)


Vaughn Wallace said...

Haha yeah, helmet is the key word there! Is the tire destroyed?

Henry Dimmick said...

Actually, I was able to get it aired down in time to save it. BUT, had ridden one lap thinking the rim was bent, not that the tire had popped! So I was lucky...to be wearing a helmet :)