Northern Group Satellite

Mark Briercheck organized a ride out of Zelienople on Saturday, with Mark Hess, Dan Chew, Dave Stewart from Nevada, Jonathan Pratt, Joe Ross, Dan Schar, and Rob Gaus in attendance.
A warm January day. I left my house 8 am and rode north to Zelie for the 9:30am Hess ride. After a 14 year absence from the group Dave Stewart returned to the Northern Group. Morning started in the low 30's and mid-day almost touched 50 degrees. Joe Ross (riding a big soft and cushy single speed with Monster tires) flatted after the off road down hill into McConnels mills. The guy with the biggest tires had the only flat. That's luck i suppose.
The climb out of McConnells mills was total snow and ice. Oh Yes! It was a single track climb to get out. Gaus and I set down a fun quick tempo on the march into the Sheetz off of 328 (this is a guess that we were on 328...as usual I have no idea where we actually were). As for this matter I won't even describe our loop because I don't remember any of the roads anyway. I know we did climb up breakneck? Notable Notes - Rob forgot his food so Renee' delivered it to Rob like a team car.Team Gaus to the rescue. Mary Hess had muffins waiting for the returning riders! thanks for the great ride, briercheck

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