Carlisle TT

Henry Dimmick, Steve Marlette, Brian Hopkins, Steve Brewer, and photographer Mike Maher...

...slogged through biblically HEAVY rain, in the car AND racing their bikes...

...to compete in this past weekend's Carlisle Time Trial.

But it was well worth it.     ...based on our results, and based on the dinner and Guinness' we consumed the night before at The Gingerbread Man..... BOTH sides!

20 Kilometer Race:
Mike finished in 1st Place Overall
(Setting a new PR)

40 Kilometer Race
Brian finished 2nd Place Overall
(2 seconds over his PR)

Steve Marlette finished in 6th Place Overall
(Setting a new PR)

...with Steve Brewer pulling "Lead Horse" to power both he and Henry Dimmick to a 1st Place Overall finish in the hotly contested Team Time Trial (non-carriage) Division  : )

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