Mike Maher had a rough time in the XTERRA ONE mtb triathlon.

Despite his 3-strikes of bad luck, Mike still finished 30th Overall.

Read Mike's story below:
Funny story about having to ride the MTB course on my SS in running shoes. Well at least it’s funny now.

Pulled a major “Henry” and packed my road shoes, set them in the transition, and didn’t realize I had the wrong shoes till after the swim.

Of course the swim was another potential disaster. As I pulled into the race venue, I hear a loudspeaker announcement that wetsuits are not going to be allowed for the race. NOT good for me. Never swam that far in open water “unassisted” by the buoyancy of a wetsuit. Freaky!

Then forced to ride a marginally technical course in running shoes and wrapped it all up by yes….wait for it… crashing during the run. Hard enough to scrape my armpits.


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