Raccoon Park CX

Kirk Morrison, Rich Allen and Henry Dimmick ventured out in a 35 degF rain to compete in the Raccoon Park CycloCross race.

Thanks to Mike Briggs & Sonic Imaging for the pictures

What they discovered was Saturday's course report of: "Mostly frozen and snow covered with some greasy mud", had turned to the "Mud Bog from Heck"!

The conditions, however, were NOT able to dampen the spirits of the riders who were racing THE LAST RACE of 2010, especially when the RAIN turned to SNOW!!!

In the Men's Cat 1/2/3/4:

finished in 9th Place

Kirk finished in 10th Place
...despite taking the long way around THIS particular turn!

...with Henry finishing in 11th Place

An Ag3r Sweep you might say!!!

After pealing off our WET and MUDDY clothes (6.96 lbs before the race, 14.06 lbs after!), we wheeled our bikes to a local home owners house to wash them off!


Now, we are having a bit of trouble with our bottom brackets being (rusted) solid!  Go figure :)

A great season, marked by a memorable Finale!

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