Making the Turn

New Year's Eve

Kirk, Sam & Henry got out for the last ride of the year...and what turned out to be the last ride in the snow.

For you thrifty shoppers, Christmas trees are now on sale!

It was a cruddy ride kinda day.

...but not as cruddy as Kirk was feeling after showing us HIS Christmas gift from Santa.  Bad Boy Kirk!

We stopped at Cummings for some espressos and to watch the Winter Classic Alumni Game!

New Year's Day

The NHL decided to delay the Winter Classic, Pens vs. Capitals game because of rain... and the weather forecasters were right.

Showing up today were Richy, Henry and Kirk.  This was the 17th year (in-a-row) New Year's Day Ride for Henry...with Richy being along for a vast majority of them.

We rode through lots of standing water.

What snow remained, was turning to FOG.

The creeks were moving faster than we were!

Strangly, with not a sole in site, there was BLARING radio (music) coming from this equipment...(?)  WEIRD.

A new symbol of the Christmas season?  Frogs(?)  Kirk thought it "...almost Nightmarish"!

These Longhorns were cut off from their barn ...and their wagon!

More out-of-the-ordinary Holiday decorations.  We wondered if Planes accidently try to land there!

While Kirk and Henry's legs we getting weak, Richy was riding strong ...taking LOTS of Off-Road detours!

In the end, the 17 year streak stayed alive, and we didn't melt in the rain! 

So far so good for 2011   : )

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