All Crossed-Up in Ohio

In preparation for the pending Pa./WVa. Cyclocross season, a few Ag3r riders (HannaH Brewer, Steve Brewer and Ray Sielski) headed into Ohio for a tune-up:

Words by Hannah:

I actually forget what happened at North Coast Grand Prix because it was so long ago (like 10 days!) ....so I will jump right to the results!

Steve had a great day and finished 3rd overall in the 3/4 race.

I do remember that I didn't get lapped by any of the girls (or 3/4 boys!) who were in our race. I finished 6th overall in the women's 1,2,3 race.

The course was dry and fast. A power course for sure.



Since the North Coast NEOCX race was a fun course, we headed back to Ohio the following weekend to race at the Blue Sky or Not cx race. However, when we got there, Blue Sky or Not was not a question... there was no blue sky in sight. Rain, lots of mud, and unseasonably cold temps were the theme of the day. Ray, Steve, and I braved the mud and raced pretty well.

Steve Brewer finished 4th overall in the 3/4.
Ray Sielski finished 8th overall in C50+, and
Hannah Brewer finished 3rd overall in the women's 123.

Don't expect these results from me again. It was either birthday luck, or the fact that I seem to race best when there's mud!!!



Ray's take on the No Blue Sky Day:
HannaH, Steve and Ray headed out to the shores of Lake Erie to race CX.

An early morning drive starting out in the cold put promising sky appear to be a great day for a race.

Enter the Cleveland factor, driving into Cleveland brought the wall of rain and gray. At the venue steady rain soaked the course and 40's meant for much hand rubbing waiting to register. No pre race on-line registration meant for long lines which took 45 minutes to clear.

The first third of the course was flat grass, one barrier and plenty of twisty tight turns. The grass was very saturated which made for slow speed. The middle course had dips into a central mud hole with three small drops to enter and three small climbs to exit, all rideable. Had to be careful of the twisty roots and each drop had an increasing amount of mud as rain was washing in all morning. The last third had a slight pavement path climbing and two 90 degree turns just to keep you from gaining any speed.

HannaH finished 3rd
Steve finished 4th
Ray finished 8th


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