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ABRA MTB #1 - Logan Krause

Mike Maher has been helpful in my training, and Steve & Hannah Brewer helped me out at Brady's run. But for this race, I was ON MY OWN!!!

Before the start, I realized that I had lost the nose piece to my glasses and had to have my mom run up to the store by the white water course and get a new pair, turned out to be a very worthwhile purchase.

The day started off pouring down rain. At the time of the start it was still raining and didn't look like it was going to let up anytime soon. It didn't stop raining until almost the end of the first lap.
Photo by Fred Jordan

At the pre race meeting Jr had mentioned that he had changed the course, and changed the course he did! The course consisted of a lot of single track and the first half of the race was all down hill. Then of course, the second half was all UP hill...! And the course turned out to be 10 miles a lap, not the original 8, so my 16 mile race turned into almost 21 miles!

While there were a bunch of DNF out of all of the categorys, I stuck it out and finished in 16th Place of the Men's Sport 2/3 Division.

Over all it was a fun, hard, fast race! I would do it again just never in the rain on that course!
~ by Logan Krause

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